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At Friday’s night’s Q&A Rap Session in Minneapolis – which will be taken nationally throughout 2016 – Andy Schectman introduced me by saying I’m the smartest guy he knows – as all I do is read, write, and run on the Stair climber.  Guilty as charged, after another 90 minutes this morning, long before the world awoke.  That said, I need to add two items to said list of obsessions.  One, soccer; and, two, spending as much time as possible with my now four year old Sylvie.  After all, this is my first and only chance at fatherhood – and I intend to make the best of it.

That said, 14 years of reading, writing, and absorbing everything remotely related to Precious Metals – much of it whilst on the Stair climber – has indeed made me “smart”; not to mention, as cognizant of the gold Cartel’s actions as I am confident that they will ultimately be destroyed – just as the “London Gold Pool” in 1968, and dozens of other fruitless efforts to suppress real money, at the expense of failed fiat Ponzi schemes.

Thus, on a night when the only notable “news” was an utter collapse of Chinese manufacturing and service data; as well as the U.S. Treasury yield curve to its “flattest” level since 2007 (not good); I was hardly surprised when the 609th “2:15 A.M.” EST paper raid of the past 695 trading days was executed.  To that end, look at this snapshot of what happened 15 minutes before the London paper pre-market session opened; when, just like the fraudulent silver “fix” of January 28th, “someone” decided to “mark down” silver prices by two-thirds of a percent instantaneously

Or how, following yesterday’s extremely unusual PM trading, in which prices surged into the NYSE close, the Cartel was faced with prices rising – again, in extremely “unusual” fashion – throughout the London session.  Before they knew it, silver was back to its pre-Friday morning smash level of $15.06/oz., whilst gold was again knocking on the door of the key round number of $1,250/oz.  Naturally, they did what they always do, the second the COMEX opened…

That said, while the Cartel plays its increasingly blatant games amidst a world where, with each passing day, thousands more people join the ranks of those “onto” them, this is what’s going on at the U.S. Mint – where physical silver demand is not only at a record high, but going parabolic


And this is what’s going on inside the COMEX itself – where registered silver inventories, worth a mere $370 million, are not only at an all-time low, but in freefall mode…


Let alone, what’s going on around the world – such as from Japan, where readers are emailing me because they literally cannot source silver product; or Australia, where one of my savviest Australian readers sent me the following this morning…

Just an update on the Perth Mint. Now out of certicards, 10g, 20g, 50g and 1oz silver coins.  The 1oz gold kangaroo coins are still available, and selling for $100 over spot – but this premium is up from $70 over spot. In silver, only 10 oz bars and kangaroo 1oz coins are available. All other coins and bars – sold out, as well as the Platinum platypus.  From my view, this looks like nothing I have seen since 2008. If this is not the real move, then it’s the best imitation I have ever seen. The past wash and rinse cycles in my opinion looked different – and certainly, this total metal shortage was not seen.  Andy, there has been a major change.”

Or heck, the fact that the gold BULL MARKET is raging in essentially all markets – with only the “last to go” U.S. market still significantly below its all-time high.  Which I assure you, it will surpass in the coming years; and perhaps, 2016…


Why am I exuding such confidence – more so, than at any time since joining Miles Franklin in 2011?  Because, as I wrote in last week’s “we are Neo” – I’m finally starting to realize that the cumulative knowledge I have built over 14 years in this space is “adding up” like never before.  In other words, I am exponentially smarter than I was then – as are the vast majority of Miles Franklin Blog readers and listeners.

That said, it’s not just us that are smarter, but the entire alternative media, and the entire, rapidly growing world of alternative media followers.  Cumulatively, the TRUTH we are disseminating is not only spreading virally, but in a more intelligent, cohesive fashion than ever before.  For years, it was just Cartel “old guarders” like myself fighting the good fight; but today, there are dozens of newcomers on the scene, of all ages and backgrounds, putting out increasingly incisive commentary; to increasingly large audiences; that are unquestionably making a significant impact.  And doing so, I might add, in a manner that is attracting more and more people from the dying mainstream world.  To the point that, at some point in the not too distant future, I actually believe people like myself will be sought after for what will then be considered “mainstream” interviews!

I mean, this morning alone, I listened to the master of alternative media talk radio, Peter Schiff, refute a variety of moronic mainstream notions – from Warren Buffett’s inane statement that today’s middle class lives better than John D. Rockefeller; to the equally ridiculous notion that the Motion Picture Academy discriminates against black people.  Next, the great Kerry Lutz, who was one of the first to write of the now-nuclear “war on cash” – who I am honored to have as the host of Miles Franklin’s April 21st Q&A Rap Session in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

And finally, the rapidly rising star Craig Hemke, previously known as Turd Ferguson, describing exactly what is going on in the paper PM markets; and quite convincingly espousing why the key number for gold is, for all intents and purposes, the $1,263 high put in on February 11th, when the Cartel scrambled to quash what at the time was a nearly unprecedented $60/oz single-day surge.  Which, when it’s inevitably taken out, will signify the true “re-birth” of the U.S. dollar-priced bull market.  Which, if last week’s first technical “golden cross” in two years is any indication (50 DMA crossing above 200 DMA); let alone, the largest institutional gold inflows since 2009 (which I wrote of before such data emerged); may be a LOT sooner than most can imagine.

In a nutshell, with each passing day, I am not only empowered exponentially by the weight of facts in our corner; but the growing ranks of powerful, charismatic, and increasingly polished communicators of such information.  Never before have I felt so communally linked – with readers, “competitors,” and the global alternative media at large.  Cumulatively, our voice – and cause – are stronger than ever.  Which, in my very strong view, will yield the end of the single most globally devastating market manipulation in history, sooner rather than later!