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China has finally come out in very strong terms and told the U.S. to get its financial house in order.   This is now in public.  Their warning was straightforward as compared to previous warnings that were generally of the “read between the lines type.” They hold $1.3 trillion worth of treasuries and well over $3 trillion in dollar denominated assets.  No matter what anyone says, China now has the ability to “pull our strings” in Washington.

Without going any further I should add that I believe that they certainly will pull our strings AND pull the plug on this whole Ponzi scheme on the very day that they are told “there is no more gold left.” This event could come to light at any moment as London has already bled over 1,300 tons of gold this year alone, GLD well over 500 tons and the COMEX now has more than 50% of “standees” in October for the dealer’s remaining inventory.  December is a whole ‘nother story as there are contracts open for 30 times of dealer gold and 3 times of total inventories.  December is not far off and has the potential on its own to blow the whole fractional reserve game out of the water.

The spectacle in Washington has already had quite negative ramifications from a “perception” point of view.  President Obama cancelled his trip to the APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) conference.  John Kerry did attend though, below is a picture taken at the end of the conference.

Does this look like ANY photo of ANY meeting that the U.S. has attended?  John Kerry in the back row?  On the end?  Is there any significance to this?  Is the Pope Catholic?  You might also notice that Vladimir Putin is standing front and center.  Apparently since Mr. Obama was a no show, he took the reign at this conference.  How bad from a “public relations” standpoint is this?  Our president didn’t show up because …”we ran out of money?” Because we need to “vote” on whether or not we can BORROW more money?  And now another G-20 meeting is coming up.

Think this one through.  Would you do business or “partner” with someone that you not only knew for a fact was having financial problems but aired their “dirty laundry” of insolvency in a public manner?  Wouldn’t you be a little worried about them “performing” or might you think once or twice about them “taking you down with them?”  Please keep in mind that while this conference was going on, President Obama actually said that he will not “negotiate”…on anything…until he gets everything that he wants.  What the heck is this?  Once “he gets” everything he wants…what is left to negotiate over?  Was this type of action supposed to “go over well” with our creditors?  Were they supposed to be impressed with this show of “strength?” Forget about how it went over with the U.S. population because we don’t even matter anymore, it’s not like we have the ability to fund our own debt.  No, it is (was) foreigners that funded our debt until the last year or two.  Now that job rests squarely on the shoulders of the biggest hedge fund in the world called “The Federal Reserve.” Period, end of story.

Mark my words, this game will end on one single day.  When the Chinese are told, “Sorry, there is no more gold” they will dump anything and everything on the “dollar.” China is like a prize fighter who’s been told to carry their opponent until a certain round “for pay.” They get paid more and more (in gold) for each round that they wait for the knockout.  But after some “unknown round” they are told they won’t be paid anything more no matter how long the fight lasts.  BOOM!  One punch and the fight is over!  In this case it will be one phrase, “Sell everything dollar” and the game is over.  China has accumulated the gold and we have accumulated debt…which will be paid off in newly and massively printed dollars. Which one do you think the world will give more value to?  This has become “so beyond obvious” that it pains me that so many Americans can’t see it, don’t want to see it and don’t even have a clue that we are living “the end game.”