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“To get our overall fiscal gap under control,” writes Boston University professor Laurence Kotlikoff in Bloomberg, “the U.S. must cut spending or raise tax revenue by $20 trillion over the next decade, far more than either the president wants or the House Republicans seek.”

The monthly COMEX options expiration is on Tuesday. The bullion banks always take gold and silver down prior to this event. They will make sure that all the $1,600 gold call options and $40 silver calls expire worthless, as well as to repel the key $1,600 and $40 ROUND NUMBERS, respectively, for the THIRD TIME in FIVE DAYS.

Here is a fact I bet most of you are unaware of. Last year China consumed 23% of the world’s silver production.

I have received numerous emails asking me why we promote NIA in our pages. First of all, we do not promote NIA; I just reprint some of their excellent essays on gold and silver. There is growing concern that NIA is a “pump and dump” firm and our reader, Bob U. sent me the following link to a Peter Schiff commentary addressing this topic. I suggest that you check this link out:

Dollar, Bernanke, NIA’s agriculture pump & dump stock revealed | Euro Pacific Capital