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It was reported yesterday out of Switzerland that the Swiss want to become an international hub of Chinese renminbi trading.  The Swiss government is in talks to swap Swiss francs with China’s renminbi in anticipation of the Chinese currency becoming a reserve currency.  It was also reported that Russia is negotiating an $18 billion “goods for oil” deal with Iran and that The White House is “concerned.”  Ya think?

Did we even need any more evidence that the world is turning towards China and their currency…and away from the U.S. and our dollars?  If you read the first story regarding Switzerland, they fear that “they are playing catch up” …especially with our longtime ally Britain.  It was reported a few weeks ago that Britain has been in trade talks with China and levering their mutual business ties through Hong Kong.  Of course they are playing catch up as China has been spanning the globe making trade, currency (theirs) and business deals for several years now.

Have you ever heard of the phrase “Chinese water torture?”  This is merely the very slow dripping of water onto someone bound to a table.  It is done slowly and methodically and never does the pace increase (unlike CIA water boarding).  The process continues until the subject finally breaks.  In a sense this is exactly what the Chinese are doing, they are slowly and methodically supplanting the U.S. from its position of the “reserve currency.”  Yes we have seen fits and starts but for the most part the pace has remained quite steady but continually “building.”

Think about this analogy for a moment, we (the U.S.) are “bound.”  Did someone “tie us up?”  No, we have done this all to ourselves of our own “free will.”  Yes I know we did have some “help.”  We were “helped” by the British and Europeans initially and then by Japan followed by the Chinese.  They “helped us” by purchasing our debt.  Back in the old days there had to be buyers for one’s debt as it was unacceptable, no, LUNACY for the central bank of a country to purchase more than even 1% or less of an offering.  Foreigners bought and continued to buy U.S. Treasuries until about 2 years ago…when they just stopped at which point the Fed was forced to step in.  The Fed has purchased over 70% of Treasury issuance for over 2 years now; this is lunacy…but now considered “normal?”

So why is it that the Swiss are moving towards a financial deal with the Chinese?  Well, forgetting the fact that our regulators have ticked them off by bullying their bankers, they are simply “following the gold.”  Gold has been flowing into China at a rate of 100 tons per month (plus retaining their own production).  I have seen “official” reports out of the World Gold Council and GFMS that say the Chinese have amassed nearly 3,000 tons and “may have” surpassed the French and Italians.  May have?  Let me say this, the “official” line of 3,000 tons is laughably BOGUS not to mention that Italy probably lost close to half of their gold back in 1998 with LTCM’s blow up.

China has imported and produced AT LEAST 3,000 tons…just in the last 2 years alone!  I would guesstimate that 5,000 tons would be the absolute minimum of their hoard and may be 8,000 or even approaching 10,000 tons.  Business (and financial power) ALWAYS follows the gold.  The flip side of this is that when gold “leaves” a country…so does financial power.  Put simply, we blew it!  We had the manufacturing base of the world.  We were cutting edge everywhere you looked and the financial center of the world.  We have lost our “edge” and if the “Monkey Business” that we are playing with Germany’s gold is any guide, we have also lost our gold.

I do want to mention that this scheme where the Fed buys Treasury bonds (QE) has prolonged the game, it is also an accelerant to our becoming irrelevant.  Monetization is fraudulent and we are doing this openly, publicly and telling the rest of the world something that they know not to be true.  They understand today as it has always been understood that gold is “financial truth” which is why business always follows the gold.  Watching and living through this is painful from a patriotic standpoint.  Foreigners on the other hand don’t really care, they are slowly, steadily and methodically (like Chinese water torture) preparing themselves for the future.  Trade deals, currency deals, political alliances, military alliances etc. are being negotiated and reported on every single day, yet here in the U.S. it’s “business as usual”…until it isn’t any longer.