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I mean seriously; just how much PM-positive news can emerge in one week?  Frankly, we’ve had a lifetime’s worth – and the REAL fireworks haven’t even started!  To wit, new Fed Chairman frontrunner Larry Summers – who not only “wrote the book” on gold suppression, but was somehow considered relatively hawkish (he’s not); suddenly DROPPED OUT of the race for no particular reason.  Amazingly, he simply left Obama a “Dear John” letter; and off he’s gone into the sunset – to spend the funds he either misappropriated or otherwise dishonestly learned.  Perhaps it’s due to these allegations of impropriety – which I have no doubt of; perhaps, he was deemed “not dovish enough” by his banking masters; perhaps, because by his own description, the confirmation process would be “acrimonious”; or maybe, just maybe (although I highly doubt it), he wisely decided to avoid the Titanic’s helm.  Either way, yet again the MSM and financial “pundits” were DEAD WRONG in their prognostications; as they have been about the economy, the Fed’s mythical “exit strategy,” and EVERYTHING they have ever forecast – generally speaking, under the moniker of misguided optimism.

Meanwhile, Obama’s other financial dunce – “Tax Cheat Timmy” Geithner – has no desire for the job either.  And thus, I present the new, most likely candidate for the job; current Fed Vice Chairman, eternal “uber-dove,” and cabal sycophant supreme – Janet Yellen.  Yes, the same Janet Yellen that recently disclosed her moronic belief that fighting “unemployment” was as important – or more so – than controlling inflation!  Summers may well be one of the most crooked, evil politicians in U.S. history; but honestly, Yellen is an even worse choice for Fed Chairman due to her non-wavering commitment to MONEY PRINTING.  And thus, yet again, the government will make the choice that’s “WORST FOR AMERICA, BUT THE BEST FOR PRECIOUS METALS.”