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In my continuing coverage of the “Crime of the Century,” I have done further research that proves, beyond the shadow of a doubt (at least in civil court), the point I have been making for the past ten years.  That is, that nefarious forces operate in the PAPER gold and silver markets to depress prices, day in and day out.  Actually, before I get started I want to acknowledge the effort of James West, one of the smartest commentators in the sector, for attempting to produce a like-named movie in 2008, focused principally on illegal gold and silver suppression.

As hard as he tried, he could not get the movie funded due to the universal fear potential donators had of the ramifications of their involvement, both in the U.S. and – surprisingly – his native Canada.  If I remember correctly, he also was subjected to other forms of “persuasion” – i.e. harassment – ultimately yielding his decision to abandon the project.  Think of the multitude of films depicting the fall of Wall Street Banks at that time (Margin Call, Too Big to Fail, The Last Days of Lehman Brothers, etc.), yet none of those films went unfunded, and none of their producers harassed.

ONLY the deepest, darkest secret of TPTB – the linchpin of the global financial system – is prohibited from being exposed, or for that matter even investigated.  The Cartel may be a bunch of boorish thugs, but they are smart enough to know that losing control of the only REAL MONEY the world has ever known, the “Once and Future King” GOLD, will destroy their power base forever.  This is why I am so excited about Silver Circle – The Movie, which doesn’t directly attack important figures but makes its point loud and clear!

Crime of the Century – The Movie – James West

I looked back at every trading day since Labor Day and manually counted the “Chutes” and “Ladders,” a description emanating from one of my favorite childhood games aptly named Chutes and Ladders.  Essentially, a chute is a steep decline – in the game, a slide – and a ladder the opposite, a sharp rise.  For purposes of this study, and EXACT definitions of “chutes” and “ladders” are neither necessary nor productive, as spotting “Cartel fingerprints” was my primary goal, easily done qualitatively.

That said, to put some type of structure to my work, I arbitrarily defined a “chute” as an $8 decline in a 30-minute period and a “ladder” as an $8 increase in that period.  I used $8 because it roughly equates to a 0.5% change in the gold price, equivalent to a roughly 65 point drop in the Dow.  Food for thought – when was the last time the Dow fell 65 points in a half-hour, and can you imagine the uproar if it did so – on average – EVERY DAY as is the case with gold?

For this brief analysis, I focused ONLY on the absolute amount of chutes and ladders, not the timing or size.  However, simple observation made it obvious what the conclusions would be if further studies were made on the topic, such as the following:

1. On average, chutes were MUCH larger than ladders

2. Despite trading on a 24-hour basis, roughly 90% of all chutes and ladders occurred during NY COMEX trading hours

3. COMEX-traded ladders are typically confined to the first two hours of trading (a Cartel CONTROL tactic), while COMEX-traded ladders often occurred later in the session – such as at the 12:00 PM EST “cap of last resort”

4. Many COMEX-traded ladders were immediately followed by chutes, thus mitigating their impact

Now that those points are clear – which should not surprise anyone, particularly long-time readers – let’s get to the data itself.  Per the table below, over a 5½ month period entailing roughly 125 trading days, gold experienced 176 chutes (1.4/day) and 106 ladders (0.8/day).  In other words, nearly twice as many, or more accurately 1.7x more.  Over the six months included in this sample, gold declined by 11%, or 2% per month.  Three of the six months registered declines – ALL due to “named storm” blitzkrieg attacks; in September, “OPERATION PM ANNIHILATION I”; in December, “OPERATION PM ANNIHILATION II”; and in March, the “LEAP DAY VIOLATION.”  Two of the months – October and February – registered gains, while prices were largely unchanged in November.





Gold Change














































It’s hard to be surprised by this data, although the astonishing 50 chutes in September, starting hours after the Labor Day weekend with gold sitting at its ALL-TIME HIGH of $1,920/oz, even in hindsight is quite a large number (more than 2x per day).  However even I was surprised by what I view to be the most telling statistic of all – even during months when gold traded higher, there were still more chutes than ladders.

Anyone observing this market knows that such anomalies are just the tip of the iceberg, culminating in the “smoking gun” that ends all skepticism of the topic of gold manipulation – the fact that, over the ENTIRE 12-YEAR BULL MARKET, gold prices are cumulatively down in New York PAPER trading yet up in all other markets.  Yes, the market where 90% of all price moves occur is net down amidst a seven-fold increase, the most blatantly obvious evidence of manipulation imaginable.

In other words, the best way to PROTECT YOURSELF is to ignore all New York PAPER trading and simply focus on accumulating as much PHYSICAL gold and silver as you can.  PAPER trading is 100% manipulated, with as much bearing on reality as the illusions of the illusions of the Matrix.  And by the way, what a crazy revelation I just had looking at this chart, which I have been watching since 2003 but hadn’t realized until just now!

The reason why gold is smashed at 3:00 AM EST is because the AM Fix is at 5:30 AM EST.  Like the PM Fix at 10:00 AM EST – which I spend more time focusing on, the Cartel purposely smashes gold down beforehand to subdue “official” prices.  I’d bet they somehow earn more money on the spread, too – likely in illicit fashion – but that’s another story for another day.