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Communism vs. Free Markets at Plymouth Rock and Jamestown

I recently came across this article “The end of innocence”, and I must confess that as much as I’ve read history, I never knew this story.  It does however make perfect sense and logic.  The Pilgrims started out with a “communist” agreement where everyone would pool their crop and share with everyone.  They apparently nearly starved.

Think about it, “communism vs free markets”.  Under communism, slackers know that even if they don’t work hard or produce anything at all, they will “share in the spoils” of the entire group.  The industrious also know that no matter how hard they work, they will not benefit from their own out sized production or crop…so…why work so hard?  I guess the best example of this today would be France with many others running hard at attaining equality for all!

On the other hand, there are (not for much longer in today’s world) free markets where the slackers who produce less…eat less and where the industrious produce more and get to keep their gains for themselves.  Under this system, the less industrious are “forced” to at least produce enough to survive or…they won’t survive while those who work hard or “build a better mousetrap” have the incentive of getting ahead and “saving” their surplus.

It really is quite simple.  Under communism there is no incentive at the top or the bottom to produce more, whereas in free markets there is the necessity to produce more at the bottom and even greater incentive to produce more at the top.  THIS is what made “America”…AMERICA!  100 years ago everyone worked who was able and family provided for those who could not.  No one (or very few) was left behind because family and friends would help those that needed helping and those who could work and chose not to because of laziness …either got hungry enough to go to work or starved.

I point this out because I believe that we as a country have crossed the Rubicon ideologically.  We passed the point of no return financially back in 2008 from a mathematical standpoint but even if a system breaks down, it can be rebuilt, this is Mother Nature’s way of cleansing a system.  But, Mother Nature has no sway to rebuild a system if that system is flawed from the outset, as communism and has been proven to be so many times throughout history.

So here we are, the mother of 2 yr olds get $2,500 tickets for their child urinating on a tree (I sort of view this as a boy’s right of passage), lemonade stands opened by industrious youngsters are closed and parents are fined, citizens are now routinely fined or jailed for videotaping or even asking questions of the police who are paid to protect them.  My point is this, we have gone so far away from the principles that made America great in the first place (and I don’t even want to interject any comments on religion), how can anyone expect to recover?  In any great society there is only so much fat, then bone and finally marrow that can be eaten and wasted before that society is no longer “great”.  How much “marrow and goodwill” is left?  I fear not much and can only hope that there is an understanding (I doubt it) that following The Constitution and allowing free markets to work their magic will be the best and only way towards recovering what our once great nation was all about.  Margaret Thatcher once said that “communism is great until you run out of other people’s money”.  She was quite correct and it won’t be long until she is proven so again.