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The Cyprus parliament postponed their vote on the theft of depositor monies until at least tomorrow which means that the odds are the banks (stock market and everything financial) will be closed until at least next week.  Vladimir Putin used the term “very dangerous” in his description of what is happening there.  If you break down the term “very dangerous” to its most basic roots and who it’s coming from you should be scared, very scared!  “Very” is a term used to put emphasis on the following word which in this case is “dangerous.”  “Dangerous,” depending on who uses the term can range anywhere from the “danger” of spilling milk to …life threatening.  In this case it was used by Vladimir Putin.

Take yourself back in time (you really don’t need to but follow along here) and imagine robbing a bank like Bonnie and Clyde.  You get done with the job (or don’t) only to find out that it was Al Capone’s bank.  Let me ask you this, would you be scared to the point of peeing your pants?  Never mind that you didn’t know it was Al’s bank until after the fact, would you be scared to death?  Let’s make another assumption, assume that you absolutely knew that it was Mr. Capone’s bank, how insane must you have been to target THAT particular bank?  Do you really believe you could ever go out in public and actually “spend” any of that money?  Would you, could you, ever sleep at night again?  Not because you broke one of the 10 Commandments (thou shalt not steal) but because you know that another Commandment will shortly be broken… “Thou shalt not kill!”  As a completely side note, do you remember back in 2004 I think it was, a picture of Mr. Putin holding a 400 oz. bar of Gold for a press conference?  Do you think he might have had a clue back then?

So the IMF, World Bank, BIS and Troika made this decision to steal Russian money (not to mention serf and slave Cypriot monies), does anyone believe that Ben Bernanke, Jack Lew, Mr. Obama and all the rest here in the U.S. were not consulted and didn’t approve this?  Do you think that the Russians don’t know how decisions of this magnitude are made?  Would you be a little pissed if your neighbor walked into your house and took some “stuff,” 10% or maybe even 15% of your “stuff,” and said to you “Don’t worry, it’s a necessary tax otherwise you will lose ALL of your stuff?”

Without going any further, is it safe to say that whoever (all of them collectively) made this decision of “robbing the bank” are completely nuts?  Insane?  OK, so let’s look at this from another standpoint… “confidence.”  Confidence is what makes the world go ’round and nothing else.  The saying that “money makes the world go ’round” IS correct and always has been but “money” today is not really money… it is currency.  The only thing keeping dollars, euros and all the rest from becoming fuel for heat in the winter and toilet paper year round IS “confidence.”  Confidence also allows business transactions to evolve and to consummate.  The kid down the street will cut your lawn because he is “confident” that you will pay him when he is done.  You go to work with the confidence that your employer will pay you at the end of the week.  This same confidence exists between producers and consumers, manufacturers and distributors and end users.  It exists between depositors and bankers (or at least it did).  Confidence exists only because we have laws, laws that are followed and enforced from top to bottom and everywhere in between.  Confidence can also exist because one’s character is known and respected.  It takes time for this “known and respected” character to be built, it only takes one bad act to destroy it.  The current Cyprus affair is probably the millionth public screwing that the populace has witnessed.  This will surely be the one that they wake up to because bank money “supposed” to be sacrosanct.

This Cyprus heist negates totally ALL rule of law.  It absolutely “breaks” what was SO important back in 2008-09.  The “confidence” that money in the bank was “safe.”  Do you remember TARP and all the other acronyms?  QE1, 2, 3, lite, 4 and so on?  They were all done because they HAD to!  If they weren’t done the world would end, the banks would close and everyone would lose everything?  Remember?  Confidence?  Hell, I even remember hearing “The only thing to fear is fear itself.”  Does watching your neighbor across the street breaking into your next door neighbor’s house instill confidence?  Or maybe fear?  As I said above… these miscreant elites are crazy!  It’s like they’ve inbred so many times that the “logic” and “right vs. wrong” genes no longer exist!

There is one other minor “dot” that I will connect tomorrow or the next day with this little beach of confidence and that is the “confidence” in the currencies themselves.  It’s a funny thing this “confidence” stuff, once it gets broken it can never be fixed or repaired completely.