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Could this happen in the United States?  …don’t look now but it already has:

Ketchup is considered a “vegetable” for our school children.

6 year old’s get  suspended for making a play doh gun.

Illiterates being handed a High School diploma.

Attaining the age of 18, being allowed to vote and fight for our country but not allowed to drink a beer.

Being allowed to vote but not having to prove who you are or whether you have already voted.

In a national election, well over 100% of registered votes are counted in various counties.

The cost of a college degree inflating 1200% in 35 years (since I graduated).

Being granted a literally unlimited amount of “borrowed” funds to pay for college with literally no hope of ever paying it back.

16% of the population receiving food stamps (“SNAP” because it sounds cooler).

Over 50% of the population receiving some sort of “benefit” from the government

Living under a mandate where you must purchase health insurance even if you can afford to and plan to pay for any medical expenses out of pocket.

A medical system that charges two prices, one if insurance pays for it and another lower price if you pay for it yourself.

A system where the chief prosecutor of the land says that prosecuting “Too big to fail, bail or jail” banks for illegal and criminal activity is a “problem” because it may affect the entire financial system in this country or even globally.

A government that allegedly has purchased enough ammo to kill every one of it’s citizen (and illegal aliens) 5 times over and then some.

That same government’s agency, FEMA, has allegedly built “camps” for “displaced” citizens.  These “camps” are not used to house homeless victims of the east coast hurricane.

State government raises the property taxes on these victim’s houses that are deemed by the state to be uninhabitable or don’t even exist anymore.

Pay into a national retirement plan that takes the money and shovels it out the back door and give it to the Treasury so that the “deficit” will look smaller.

Pay into a retirement system and receive many multiples of what you paid in.

Pay into this same system and not receive a dime (silver or otherwise).

Get paid 50% more to perform an easier job in the public sector than the private sector.

Have the ability to be arrested and jailed without knowing what the charges are, being denied an attorney and your family is unable to say “how” you simply disappeared.

Have the chance to be executed by some computer jockey flying an unmanned plane that fires a missile into your house.

Pay your taxes to support a military which gets cleansed of any and all sanity at the highest ranks with the “litmus” test being “Would you order your troops to fire on their own people?”

Go to work each week, get paid in a currency that is freely created and has no value other than the fact that it is “accepted as payment.”

The central bank can create over $200 million per hour, 24/7 and it’s considered “normal”.

The Treasury spends far more than this each and every hour OVER and above what they collect in taxes.

And even down to the ridiculous.  Get told at one end of the country that it’s legal to smoke marijuana while at the other end it is a crime to sell or consume over 16 ounces of soda from one bottle.  I suppose if Colorado legislated it to be illegal to smoke a “fatty” then it would all even out.

I could go on and on but it would become tedious so I won’t.  I ask you, is this America?  Is this the America you grew up in?  Would you have believed ANY of this even possible 15 years ago?  My Dad passed away 20 years ago this coming September, I can only imagine were he to come back to life to see where we are now.  He fought in WWII and Korea, he was a true American and was fortunate not to see what has happened to his country.  Do you wonder why people are scared?  The Constitution has been shredded and we have watched silently as it happened, welcome to the new “Amerika.”