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It’s Sunday morning, and I’m writing from the same gate – E10 – that I’m typically assigned when flying home from Las Vegas.  Fortunately, it has an awesome “charging station” that allows me to work while sitting comfortably; which I’m certainly going to need, given the potentially lengthy delay I’m facing.  But no worries, as I always have plenty to write; in this case, utilizing the theme of this weekend’s Liberty Masterminds Symposium as my muse.

Once again, Kerry Lutz of the Financial Survival Network put on a fantastic, thought-provoking conference, together with his partner – my good friend – Robert Ian, of Conquer Change.  The theme was “Countdown to Collapse”; in which, as you can imagine, I focused principally on the financial aspect.  The aim was to not only educate of the inevitable, potentially imminent economic calamity, but to help people prepare; and for the acutely optimistic, to discuss ways to positively impact the situation.

One speaker said that generally speaking, those who are optimistic act, while those who “bitch and moan” are ultimately acted upon.  I took great exception to this comment, as I have spent nearly 15 years “complaining and moaning” about the economic outlook and being decidedly right.  Moreover, few have “acted” as much as I; in not only shielding my family from the intensifying economic storm, but re-inventing myself in a manner that has not only enabled my career to survive – and at times, thrive – but help others do the same.  Typically, a “half-full” glass is a favorable personality trait.  However, when it comes to the current economic outlook – worldwide – I have “less than zero” optimism; and thus, the more prudent course is clearly that of realism.

Whilst speakers discussed the “Countdown to Collapse,” I noticed that not one, not two, but three separate “coup events” were ongoing – on three different continents.  Clearly, the Ukrainian situation – where the President was overthrown, amidst bloody, nationwide riots – is getting the most press; as it should, given the potential dire geopolitical ramifications.  The fact that Obama is threatening to invade this obvious Russian “sphere of influence,” whilst the Russian Ruble is plunging to an all-time low, no less, makes the Ukrainian coup a very dangerous situation indeed.

However, the pure, unadulterated hatred Venezuela has for America cannot be underestimated, given that it is a major OPEC oil producer and it, too, is amidst a bloody revolution that could ultimately yield political chaos.  The Venezuelan Bolivar has been officially devalued by 75% since 2008’s Global Meltdown I.  However, the black market rate is much lower, yielding the early symptoms of a Zimbabwe-like hyperinflation.  It is impossible to know what impact this will have on global oil supply – particularly to the U.S., which imports 400,000 barrels from Venezuela annually; let alone, OPEC in general, and the entire South American region.  After all, not only is Venezuela on the verge of hyperinflation, but so are neighboring Columbia, Argentina and Brazil.

As discussed in September’s “Most important article I’ve ever written,” the average currency – worldwide – is down nearly 30% since Western Central banks accelerated their money printing efforts amidst 2011’s Global Meltdown II; and more than 40% for the “Fragile Five” currencies, utilized by more than a quarter of the world’s population.  Consequently, inflation is accelerating worldwide, as the global fiat Ponzi scheme is quite obviously entering its death throes.


I guess we could choose to ignore the emerging, bloody revolution in the Congo, given how it has been unstable for the entirety of its history.  However, in this case, such discussion appears appropriate; in that it, too, is exposed to the catastrophically destructive impact of “reserve currency” wielding Central banks like the Fed, ECB and Bank of Japan.  Moreover, the threat of a regional destabilization cannot be underestimated; as the Congolese Franc, too – like the Venezuelan Bolivar, Ukrainian Hyrvnia and Russian Ruble – has plunged to an all-time low.

Sadly, the symptoms of collapse are becoming more acute with each passing day.  No continent, nation, or municipality is immune; as seven billion people suffer from the sins of a handful of “elite” bankers and politicians.  In Austria, one of the nation’s largest banks – nationalized in 2009, amidst Global Meltdown I – is yet again on the ropes; and horrifyingly, pondering a back door “bail-in” to recapitalize it.  In the U.S., food stamp participation just hit another all-time high, at 47.6 million people; with another three-plus million likely to join by year-end.  Remember, food stamps are printed just like dollars; and given a world already experiencing surging food inflation, it’s only a matter of time, before they, too, are hyper-inflated.  And finally, there’s China; where an historic credit bubble appears on the verge of collapse; and consequently, said “symptom” is being addressed with the planned construction – at an anticipated cost of nearly $150 million – of a massive, 1,500 tonne gold vault!

And thus, when you see this incredible set of charts – of the S&P 500 “mysteriously” decoupling with any and all pieces of negative economic data – it becomes crystal clear how terrified TPTB have become of global perception of the aforementioned reality becoming mainstream.  Of course it eventually will, as “Economic Mother Nature” has had enough; and clearly, appears on the verge of unleashing decades worth of repressed economic wrath.

Thus, we plead with you to consider how dire – and potentially imminent – the situation has become; and subsequently, to PROTECT your assets with real money while you still can!