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Following my February 10th RANT, “GENERATION GIMME” – in which I described the scary responses of U.S. college students to questions of their perceived role of government – I want to highlight a four-minute video by one of my new favorite commentators, Charles Biderman of TrimTabsTrimTabs breaks down FRAUDULENT U.S. economic data in the same manner as ShadowStats, focusing principally on the “BS from the BLS” regarding employment trends.  However, Biderman also doubles as one of society’s most astute commentators, per below.

“Europe Has Started The Endgame” And Biderman Says “The US Is Next”

In this “RANT,” he describes the “CRADLE TO GRAVE” mentality of nearly all Americans and Europeans.  Western nations have been the world’s economic leaders for centuries – mainly via IMPERIALISM, care of its early mastery of VIOLENT WEAPONS – and consequently, have come to believe they are both superior to Easterners, Africans, and Latin Americans, and entitled to the world’s highest living standards, free of cost.  In other words, an adult version of “GENERATION GIMME.”

The END GAME of such hegemony commenced 20 years ago, starting with the loss of Western economic dominance and now, a COLLAPSE of Western political dominance and social stability.  The Euro currency is system’s fatal flaw, MAGNIFYING the aforementioned hubris by tying together 23 nations with disparate languages, economies, and – most importantly – cultures.  It’s one thing to ease trade restrictions between nations – particularly when bordering – but another to impose uniform financial restrictions on nations whose economies and finances have little, if anything, in common.

As they say, the “proof is in the pudding,” and since the Euro commenced trading in 1999, NEARLY ALL nations – including Germany – have violated its regulations (scroll down to “Member states by SGP criteria”)…

Stability and Growth Pact – Wikipedia

Moreover, the continent’s weakest nations – both economically and in work ethic – have badly abused the strongest, electing themselves “CRADLE TO GRAVE” benefits without the funding to back them.  Actually, the Greece’s and Italy’s of the world did have the funding – via “free capital” from strong nations such as Germany – but that capital is about to disappear.  Not only are “Target 2” balances – depicting the flow of such “sunk costs” from Germany to the PIIGS – going parabolic

THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN!,” with Germans universally rejecting Angela Merkel’s stance of backstopping Europe this weekend.

Merkel’s CDU Trounced In Most Populous State Elections Over Austerity; Pirates Strong

One of the most universal laws of humanity is you can’t get “something for nothing,” a concept depicted in the financial world by the mythical art of “Alchemy,” as depicted in my November 12th RANT, “THE PHILOSOPHER’S STONE.”  However, during the past 40 years of PURE FIAT MONEY, several generations have mistakenly believed otherwise.  During this period, Western nations levered up their balance sheets, abetted by Eastern nations eager to steal manufacturing market share.  However, those days are officially OVER.  The West is now fully levered up, the East has already taken its market share, and INFLATION has impinged the GLOBAL economy’s ability to grow.

Therefore, the very process that enabled “CRADLE TO GRAVE” benefits is working in reverse, yielding austerity, liquidation, and social unrest.  The Greeks will be the first to learn that without hard, productive work they will starve, followed by the rest of the PIIGS; Europe’s “big Kahunas” – France, Germany, and the UK; and eventually, the biggest Kahuna of all – the United States.  Regarding the latter, no nation produces less and receives more – care of its soon-to-be lost “reserve currency” status – and no nation in HISTORY has built as much debt, or – for that matter – universal HATRED.

For those living on the government, be prepared to fend for yourselves.  If you don’t believe me, tell me how California – for instance – will cover its $16 billion deficit this year, without DRAMATIC tax increases and/or spending cuts.  And if your answer is the Federal government will bail them out, you are inferring they will bail out ALL states and municipalities with PRINTED MONEY, increasing the odds that catastrophic HYPERINFLATION will commence in the very near-term.

California facing higher $16 billion shortfall

As for Europe, you will be the first region to experience catastrophic standard of living declines, yielding EXPLODING social unrest, crime, and political instability, starting with Greece.  Once the totem pole of PIIGS is scaled, the “big Kahunas” will be washed over, and eventually the biggest of all – the United States of Welfare.  I cannot emphasize such WARNINGS enough, as not only are such occurrences inevitable, but to many, likely fatal.