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In last week’s “THE FINAL CURRENCY WAR,” I discussed how the parabolic increase in sovereign debt – coupled with collapsing Western economies – has catalyzed an “UNPRECEDENTED” level of Central bank MONEY PRINTING; or as they euphemistically term it, “quantitative easing.”  In layman’s terms, the world’s largest nations are BANKRUPT; and thus, monetizing not only their debt, but the lives of their similarly BANKRUPT municipalities and citizens.

This RANT discussed the “nuts and bolts” of what Central banks are currently doing; but not the irrational mindset behind their lunacy.  Sure, “kicking the can” is their modus operandi – as their very survival depends on it – assuming it works.  However, the pervasive “mental dyslexia” they have spread throughout their PROPAGANDA is truly a sight to behold.

Peter Schiff wrote the below article last week, which serves as the inspiration for this RANT topic – a MUST READ on the currency wars topic…

The Biggest Loser – Peter Schiff

Sometimes, additional commentary is necessary; but in this case, NONE is required.  Schiff is DEAD ON regarding the lunacy of today’s financial oligarchs; as well as why their “mad experiment” in GLOBAL FIAT CURRENCY will ultimately implode

Like the weight loss TV show, economists believe the winner of a currency war is the biggest loser.  You win not by killing your competitors, but yourself!  It’s like a student convincing his parents an F is a better grade than an A.  And if a straight F report card results in parental accolades rather than anger, the students will lack any incentive to improve performance.

DENIAL is a very powerful emotion; but CANNOT prevent the inevitable!


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