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Today, I want to coalesce my thoughts of the past few weeks, as culminated in my Tuesday podcast with Kerry Lutz of the Financial Survival Network… Ranting Andy Hoffman is running out of RANTS!

Each day, I am incrementally amazed at the deterioration of Western society – economically, politically, and socially – particularly the United States.  I know I’ve been forecasting this demise for some time, but it’s one thing to anticipate something, and another to live it.  Moreover, history tends to be re-written numerous times – particularly by its “victors” – so even the perception of what might happen can be distorted by false or distorted commentaries of the past.

When speaking with Kerry, I mused of how baffling it is to see the MSM get EVERYTHING wrong, EVERY day.   Yes, billionaire moguls like Rupert Murdoch might be part of “the system,” but everyone else?  Apparently so, as human nature is simply living up to its billing.  Individually, man is “capable of such beautiful dreams” – per the movie clip below (time stamp 8:00) – but as a species, “horrible nightmares.”

Jodie Foster’s mystical flight (Contact)
Unfortunately, history is far more littered with war, slavery, and totalitarianism than peace, democracy, and utopia.  Going back to the bible, murder, mayhem, and injustice has marked man’s existence for millenia, and I fear we are reverting to that “mean” as we speak.  Mankind is also prone to extreme denial – of the past, the present, and even gold manipulation – and living in the post-World War II “golden age,” much of civilization has been lulled into believing such freedom is the norm.

Not that the entire world has experienced such bliss, as countless wars have plagued mankind for the past 50 years – such as Korea, Vietnam, and the ambiguous “War on Terrorism.”  However, for much of the Western world, peace has reigned – and with it, perhaps the greatest-ever advances in personal liberties.  People have had a larger say in government and increased religious freedom, while women, gays, and minorities have made great advances toward equality, both in the U.S. and Europe.

Wars of the 20th Century

Sadly, this microcosm of – thousands of years of – human civilization appears on the cusp of ending, coincident with the dissipation of an equally misleading mirage, that of FIAT CURRENCY.  In the brief decades since the WORLD abandoned the gold standard in 1971, global “superpowers” like the U.S., Japan, and the European bloc were essentially handed a charge-free credit card.  In running up its balance, the false PERCEPTION that war, poverty, and unemployment had been conquered was brainwashed into hundreds of millions of innocents by the “evil troika” of Washington, Wall Street, and the MSM (assisted by London), many of whom actually “believed their own bull.”  However, it’s now time to “pay the piper.”

All that debt – i.e. MONEY PRINTING – created MASSIVE global price inflation, while sending essentially ALL productive industry to the East – in turn creating MASSIVE unemployment, debt, and deficits in the West.  Consequently, the Middle Class has been destroyed, with a burgeoning sector of society living below the poverty line.  As in Atlas Shrugged, the “unwashed masses” look further to the government for “salvation,” and consequently, listen to whatever they are told…

United Welfare States of America: In 2011 Nearly Half The Population Received Some Form Of Government Benefit

…and in the ULTIMATE case of the “Stockholm Syndrome,” want to actually join what they can’t beat

I Want To Work At The Goldman Sachs

The tale is always the same – year after year, decade after decade, century after century.  Governments destroy nations, people lose everything, people look to the government for help, and the government abuses the privilege.  In some cases, the government actually premeditates its own demise – think “false flag attacks” – for the benefit of a few, while in other cases, “the system” simply becomes catastrophically inefficient, and/or is replaced by a more nimble, powerful society.

Such a natural transformation is occurring as we speak in Western society, shortly to pass the “point of no return,” after which, the people’s will and ability to fight back will be greatly diminished – particularly after commencement of the first great post-hyperinflationary wars.  Time is running out to PREPARE ourselves, and when the first draconian decrees are issued, it will be too late.

No one will go out of their way to protect YOU, so…


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