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As the author of Amazon’s #1 best selling book on precious metals, Stack Silver Get Gold, I do extensive research and testing on everything related to gold and silver investing.

I go out and make all the mistakes first so my readers (hopefully you) don’t have to get burned by some scumbag dealer or fast talking schmuck.

I weed out all the bastards and come up with just a handful of honest precious metal businesses, guru’s and dealers that I then feel comfortable enough to recommend to anyone who puts their trust in me and buys my book.

One of my recommendations called me the other day and she was thanking me for recommending her business in the resources section of Stack Silver Get Gold because so many people say that is how they first heard of her business.

I started gloating a little bit and she then said, “Don’t get too cocky, you’re in second place. There’s one dude who is almost supernatural and recommends more people to us than everyone else combined!”

I immediately said “MORGAN!” and clenched my fist in the same voice and manner of how Jerry Seinfeld says “NEWMAN!” in the old sitcom Seinfeld.

Of course, I have great respect for David Morgan and this wasn’t the first time I have heard of him.

He is seemingly omnipresent throughout the precious metals world.

If you haven’t read one of his books like The Silver Manifesto or seen an interview of his on CNBC, the Wall Street Journal or Fox Business, you may have heard him on a podcast like Palisade Radio. If you haven’t heard David on a podcast, you may have seen him as the star attraction at a precious metals or investing conference like the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference.

And if you have not seen or heard of him in any of the above resources, then congratulations, you’re in the right place because I’m going to tell you why you need to start paying attention to David Morgan.

David Morgan was one of the first precious metals experts I started to learn from when I really dug into gold and silver.


Well I first heard of David Morgan at a hockey game from a billionaire friend of mine. This billionaire friend also happened to own the hockey team playing. Not a bad gig. One thing multi-generational billionaire family’s know how to do is manage, grow and preserve their wealth. They are quick to spot and annihilate any foxes in the hen house. Apparently, David Morgan is one of the precious metals “go to” guys for high net worth people and billion dollar hedge funds.

As I researched more, I learned that Morgan loves silver bullion and honest money. He loves gold and other precious metals too but over the years he has earned the title of “The Silver Guru”. As a big picture macro-economist and an expert educator on the importance of having a sound financial system, David taught me that wealth can’t be printed.

Although I am slightly biased towards my best seller, Stack Silver Get Gold, Morgan’s books are phenomenal and go way more in depth into precious metals and resource sector investing than mine do. Two of my favorite David Morgan books are The Silver Manifesto and Second Chance.

Second Chance is David’s newest book and it focuses on how a crisis worse than 2008 is coming. This crisis is going to cause supply and demand to rocket gold, silver and mining stocks to all time highs. The book then maps out how to get started and how to trade precious metals and mining stocks in the bull run to come.

The Silver Manifesto has earned its nickname as the bible of silver investing. Seriously, this is the encyclopedia of silver. Just head over to Amazon and read all the 5 star reviews. Morgan teaches you about the history of banking, Austrian business cycles and precious metals as money going back all the way to 3200 BC. You then learn about price suppression in the gold and silver markets and how you can beat the silver manipulators at their own game. I think I also learned how to analyze a mining stock in this book. This is the book you need to build a solid precious metals portfolio.

What David Morgan may be best known for however is The Morgan Report.

Morgan is the founder and editor of The Morgan report which consists of a free newsletter and paid monthly research report that covers money, metals and mining. It includes expert analysis on gold and silver as well as resource sector commodities and stocks. David goes out, tracks down and talks to all the insiders at mines, businesses and investment conferences and then compiles that inside information into his report. Similar to my Stack Silver Get Gold Buy Bitcoin online course, you also get direct access to Morgan and can ask him any question you want. You can sign up for The Morgan Report here.

By now I know you must be heartbroken to realize that world famous Hunter Riley III is not the world’s foremost precious metals expert and there is actually another level of expertise you can achieve by following David Morgan.

So if you have already read my book and absorbed that information, your next step is to level up and learn from the guy I learned from. Here’s how I would do it if I was totally starting over and wanted to become an expert investor in the precious metals niche.

STEP ONE: Buy and read the books Stack Silver Get Gold, Second Chance and The Silver Manifesto

STEP TWO: Buy my Stack Silver Get Gold Buy Bitcoin online training program and subscribe to David Morgan’s The Morgan Report

STEP THREE: Pay attention to David Morgan, listen to any podcasts he is on and try to go to any investing conferences where he is scheduled to speak

STEP FOUR: Buy your gold and silver from Miles Franklin Precious Metals Investments

A quick note about STEP FOUR…..

You might be thinking “You are just telling me to buy precious metals from Miles Franklin because you are writing this article for the Miles Franklin website”.

In many cases, you would be right.

But not this time.

MIles Franklin is based in Minnesota and there is a very specific reason why this is the case. Minnesota has the toughest regulations in the USA on precious metals dealers. This means that Miles Franklin is probably the safest and least risky dealer in the world to buy your gold and silver from. If you haven’t already, go read the article titled “Minnesota Gold: Why Should You Buy Your Bullion from Minnesota Precious Metals Dealers”.


That is all for today.

Now go check out the Newman Report.


Talk to you soon. Get a hold of me on Twitter or at my website below.

Hunter Riley III
Author of Stack Silver Get Gold