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Perfect timing, some might say.  I’m referring to today’s RANT topic, which for once I was unsure of, as I sat down to write.  But then came a “ray of light from the heavens” – David Schectman’s Daily Gold and Silver Summary.

I have long-written how David and I are “twin brothers from different mothers,” and today he proved it, in many ways.  First, he took on our MUTUAL HERO, Richard Russell, just as I would:

At the close, Transports are continuing to collapse. But the Dow (very suspicious) at the last minute is strangely ended up 18 points! Is this manipulation or what? I have never seen anything so blatant.
– Richard Russell

(Yes, Mr. Russell, it IS MANIPULATION. Thank you for finally waking up. We have been pounding on the “manipulation” theme for as long as I can remember. Our friends, The Cartel, who have their fingerprints all over gold and silver. -David Schectman)

Next, he wrote a piece about the bane of the Precious Metals sector, “newsletter writers” that DESTROY readers with nonsensical technical analysis; much of it, “proprietary.”  Not ALL newsletter writers do this, but those that do – such as the MORON Larry Edelson – are as lethal and traitorous to those attempting to PROTECT themselves as Jamie Dimon and Ben Bernanke.

David and I write our articles with similar themes, in different ways.  If you only read RANTS, I suggest you give David’s a trial run.  It is also published five days a week – in the morning, as opposed to my afternoon publication.  David invented the concept of education as a differentiating factor in the bullion business, so we ALL owe him a debt of gratitude.

Without further ado, here is the link to his latest piece:

What Everyone Needs To Know About QE


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