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David Stockman, as you may remember, was Secretary of the Treasury under President Reagan.  Back in the early 70s, my wife Susan, in her capacity as VP of Sales for a local advertising firm, was calling on General Mills.  She was sitting in the waiting room, waiting to see her client when Stockman walked in.  He expressed more than casual interest in Susan.  Such is the life of an attractive woman in a man’s world.  But that doesn’t disqualify him from offering up some insightful commentary on the government’s ability to fix the economy.

So here is the guy who helped pedal Ronald Reagan’s economic con job (Voodoo Economics).  He has apparently found religion in his later years.

We are heading to the wall, the government is dysfunctional, and we’re already as stretched as we can be.

Stockman: We’re Heading Toward Recession, Paralysis