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It looks like Crimea will rejoin Russia this coming week as their population overwhelmingly voted (90 %+++) to secede from Ukraine.  About 80% of the population cast their ballots which by the way is a higher percentage than any U.S. presidential election since 1900.  The US, EU and Britain are already deriding the results as “illegal.”

I have to ask “why” is it illegal that a territory (that “was” Russian until we purposely blew up the ruble and destabilized the Soviet Union in 1990)… vote itself back to its motherland?  It is pretty obvious that this is what the people wanted.  The election was not “thrown” as the actual results mirror the exit polls almost exactly.  There have been no reports of double voting, dead people voting, 100% of precincts voting one way, no reports of voter turnout being 140% of population and no reports of “Diebold” computers rigging the tally.  Was this not true democracy at work?  Is this not the allowance of true “self-determination?”  It seems to me that this vote was a glaring example of democracy…yet because the vote is counter to western interests in this case…democracy is “bad.”

Yes I understand, this gives Russia greater control over gas pipelines, a warm water port and leaves western energy companies with less of a footing…so it’s not something that we would be happy with.  But how hypocritical can the West be?  There was no force used, the vote was not coerced or dishonest, nor does it go counter to what the vast majority of citizens desired…yet it is “illegal?”  Next of course we must wonder about mainland Ukraine.  Will there be another referendum?  A “hot” war with Russia?

First off, this truly should be and is none of our business.  Nor is it something that Britain, France or Germany should have any say in.  Yes, of course Germany is wondering about their supply of gas for next year’s heating season but they also cannot be foolish in this saga because they also export quite a lot to Russia.  This should be a very interesting week to see how exactly we and others react to this.  In my opinion, “any action” will be too much and akin to a shot in our own foot.

Actually, this could be a very “dangerous” week for the U.S. because any sanctions issued could surely boomerang on us quickly.  We might also find out just how many (few?) true allies we have…or not.  The true trump card that Mr. Putin holds is his supply of gas, were he to decide to tell the world “we will accept only rubles or gold as payment for our gas,” the petrodollar will be no more.  Please do not believe that this thought process is even close to “crazy” as Vladimir Putin is a master strategist surrounded by many “chess players.”  If I and others have thought of this move, I can guarantee you that it occurred to Mr. Putin first.

I also want to remind you that Saudi Prince Salman is concluding 4 days of talks with high level Chinese including their president.  Is the timing a coincidence?  Maybe it is…or maybe not.  I ask you this, if the decision has been made for the world to move away from the dollar, would an announcement by Mr. Putin be followed by an announcement of a new “partnership” between China and Saudi Arabia that excludes the use of dollars be a coincidence?  Is there anything that we could do about it?  Could we force Russia to accept dollars or Euros for their gas? Could we force the Saudis to accept dollars and only dollars for their oil?  Could we possibly tell China, “No you cannot purchase Saudi oil unless you use dollars as payment?”

Getting back to Russia, an obvious next question is whether they will attempt to chip other pieces off of Ukraine.  They have been moving hardware and reportedly have over 80,000 troops now amassed on the borders.  Do “we” (the US, the EU and NATO) have anything in place that would offer any resistance to the Russians whatsoever?  The answer is no, we cannot (and should not) militarily alter what is happening between former Soviet states.  In fact, I saw the below photograph a little over a week ago and my blood boiled…..

The e-mail was sent to me with the caption “what is wrong with this picture?”  This picture was taken in Norfolk, VA at the end of February.  This is the first time since Dec. 7 1941 that this many aircraft carriers were docked together.  This “move” was reportedly ordered by our President over the objections of several Admirals because it makes taking our carriers out of service “for routine maintenance” and places them all together as a single target for foes or “terrorism.”  Truly ignorant if it is “by mistake” and truly an act of treason if done knowingly.

In just this short piece I have shown you 3 separate potential events that could undermine and destroy the value of the dollar like turning off a light switch.  It is imperative that you understand that we live in very dangerous times and that our “status quo” is going to change.  “Change” for the worse…and rapidly as in “overnight” when it does happen.  If you are the type of person who believes “I will move and make adjustments when they are necessary” will not have that luxury.  When the day comes that the light switch is flipped and the dollar goes into collapse, it will not be followed by a day with “K Mart” specials on gold and silver.  In fact, I believe it is highly probable that this will be the beginning of a period of time where no gold or silver will be available at any dollar price.  I know that this is quite a “grand statement” but it is where we will mathematically end up.