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Though this is dated by a few weeks it is very pertinent

As the US shutdown spectacle enters another round in Washington, short-term rates are rising and the tension in financial markets is growing. Fidelity has allegedly sold all of its Treasury bills. I still expect a last minute deal to avoid a US default and things should calm down a bit then. But as we all know, this will be, at best, only a temporary solution.

Whichever way this pans out, a few things are clear: The shutdown will hit the “wrong” part of the budget. While Republicans aim at stopping the Affordable Care Act, it is really affecting discretionary spending. Furthermore, the result will hardly have any positive impact on fixing America’s budget deficit problem. The country will continue to run deficits and, therefore, after lifting the debt ceiling, the next will not be far off.

We are at the point now – and this should be at the forefront of your mind – that citizens with wealth will increasingly become primary targets. The question now becomes “to what degree do you trust your government?”

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