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As I write this RANT Friday afternoon, it is difficult to avoid distraction from the news that Greece has DEFALTED, just as I predicted it would.  Not that I knew how it would occur – or even when – only that it was a mathematical certainty.

Greece is just the tip of the iceberg, or perhaps Iceland was the tip, and Greece is second in line.  Either way, three years of wasted money printing, elaborate schemes to fool the masses, and high-level jawboning failed to save the once great nation of Greece, likely commencing the “daisy chain of hell” I have written about for some time.

But that topic will be described ad nauseum in my regular commentary, starting with today, of course.  For this RANT, I want to discuss another elephant in the room – perhaps not pink, but certainly taboo – an affliction that has killed civilizations since the dawn of time – BIG GOVERNMENT.

I could post countless charts demonstrating government largesse, inefficiency, corruption, and sloth, but there’s no need to do so.  EVERYONE reading this missive – from America to Australia to Asia – is aware of government inefficiency in their daily lives.  Government has always been the most inefficient allocator of capital, from Egypt to Rome to Greece (ancient and modern), but particularly in the current “dollar standard era.”  In other words, now that EVERY government is unconstrained by a gold standard, ALL have printed money to create JOBS, WARS, and anything else their “leaders” desire.

Just looking at my current tax return made me realize how chaotic government is, creating a tax code so complex that even the IRS has difficulty interpreting it, let alone laypeople like myself.  Ambiguous laws make it difficult for the police to efficiently function, “bridges to nowhere” are constructed while crumbling ones grow older, and even the voting system has become so disorganized that we recently elected the WRONG PRESIDENT.

Now that America has officially turned socialist – a euphemism for “Welfare State ” – its government will grow larger, along with its counterparts in Europe, Canada, and most of the world’s populous nations.  The world has simply grown too “big for its britches,” with too many people competing for too few resources, and consequently many will STARVE and DIE in the coming years, while countless others REBEL.  The universal MONEY PRINTING economy exacerbates the problem further, but either way the underlying issue would have resolved badly.

The END GAME is revolution leading to outright communism, in no way meant as a derogatory term.  It simply means the masses will demand food, clothing, and shelter, and government will be forced to provide it, either through a fair electoral process or – more commonly throughout history – a unilateral decision to commandeer the means of production.

No one knows how global economic, political, and social developments will occur.  However, it is certain that governments will grow larger, more powerful, and more destructive -both externally and internally.  Hopefully, today’s Greek DEFAULT wakes Europeans to the plight they face, as well as the rest of the world’s populace, ALL tethered to the “daisy chain of hell” by their comment element of destruction, the U.S. Dollar.