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Earlier this week, it was reported the British government is considering theft from holders of its inflation-adjusted gilts – the equivalent of U.S. Treasury T.I.P.S. – by changing the inflation calculation “philosophy” to generate lower results…

RPI revamp risks ‘ruining’ linker returns

This is the same racket perpetrated by London’s “partner-in-crime” – Washington – for decades.  Not only do the two nations share a history of imperialism, fraud, and exploitation…

The World’s Most Evil Company

…but massive Central bank MONEY PRINTING, yielding the requirement to cheat the public further by not allowing it to “inflation adjust” government payments…

Why the Consumer Price Index is controversial

Simultaneously, Britain is holding a “Diamond Jubilee” festival for Queen Elizabeth II, celebrating 60 years on the throne.  In typical British fashion, they have bastardized the DEFINITION of “Diamond Jubilee” – which actually connotes a 75th anniversary, as an excuse to spend PRINTED taxpayer money and pretend something that isn’t – IS…

Diamond Jubilee – Wikipedia

I will not spend a great deal of time on the warped concept of celebrating monarchy, a despicable creation highlighting the tyranny of a few and cowardice of the majority.  This is particularly so in the case of nepotistic monarchy, when the “keys to the kingdom” are given to spoiled brats with not an ounce of qualification or life’s experience.  True, the current British monarchy no longer rules, but for centuries, British kings and queens terrorized the world – and their own subjects – with war, unjust imprisonment, suicidal fiscal policy, and the arbitrary rescission of basic human rights.

10 Worst Kings and Queens of England and the United Kingdom

Not to single Britain out, as monarchy has been practiced the world round, with the same miserable, inequitable results in nearly all cases.  Moreover, totalitarianism has many other names – as “kings” and “queens” have been euphemistically called “generals”, “Presidents”, and “der Fuhrer.”  For millennia, the WORLD has demonstrated a weakness for this destructive, unjust form of “government” – and given the current AMERICAN trends of war, unjust imprisonment, suicidal fiscal policy, and the arbitrary rescission of basic human rights, it won’t be long before our “President” takes on a far more “monarchistic” role.

Patriot Act – Wikipedia

National Defense Authorization Act – Wikipedia

National Defense Resources Preparedness – Executive Order

Frankly, I wouldn’t have written this RANT if not for the stupid title of this celebration, “Diamond Jubilee.”  What caught my attention was 1) the misleading definition of Diamond Jubilee; 2) the misleading terms sold to British “inflation-protected” gilt investors – which in hindsight were only protected against the government’s PREVIOUS calculation methodology, and 3) the similarity to the term “DEBT JUBILEE,” an event British citizens will not-so-ceremoniously be “celebrating” in the coming months and years.

Debt Jubilee?  Start with Student Loans

Perhaps a handful of the “most unfortunate” will benefit  – such as those saddled with un-payable student loans.  However, this biblical event…

The Year of Jubilee – Bible Study

…will more likely be focused on SOVEREIGN GOVERNMENTS such as the U.K. and U.S., which have PRINTED and SPENT their respective nations into inflationary oblivion – utilizing the PONZI PRINTING PRESS to increase “productivity” at the expense of unemployment, inflation, and ultimately – social unrest.  It’s already started in many parts of the world – an irreversible trend that will end with universal FIAT CURRENCY COLLAPSE – by necessity, returning the only rightful heirs to the monetary throne – PHYSICAL GOLD and SILVER.


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