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Senate GOP ponders ceding power to President Obama

I usually refrain from writing much about politics because no matter what the opinion someone surely gets pissed off.  Normally I just try to put the logic together (which flies in the face of today’s many false realities) to help people come to their own conclusions.  The above link is news that the GOP is considering “ceding” power to President Obama regarding the sequester.  The President will have until March 8 to come up with $85 billion in spending cuts and Congress can “veto” these by March 22 with a 2/3rds vote.

Are they crazy?  Is everyone crazy?  What are we doing now, making up the rules as we go?  I did not vote for my Senators and Representatives so that they could trash The Constitution!  This plan is the EXACT opposite of how The Constitution was originally set up.  Congress is supposed to propose any and all spending which would of course include any “cuts.”  Of course, this country has now gone 4 years without a budget which is mandated by law but who cares about the “law” anymore except for us poor plebes who go to jail for stealing a candy bar or planting your own garden?

If this actually passes and Congress does this (presumably to embarrass the President by displaying “where” he cuts), the country will then pass into dictatorship.  The Constitution was written specifically to prevent this exact possibility.  Through executive order the president now can have you arrested, killed, sent away forever and never even know what the charges are or were.  He can shut down the internet, confiscate assets, support or destroy specific industries at will and do just about anything he pleases.  It crept up slowly but if you have eyes and ears of your own, “dictatorship” has arrived.  As a side note, I have read that the current “litmus test” in the military for officers is whether they will or will not order firing on U.S. citizens.  Why do you think the military was turned upside down back in November and December and so many high level officers were sent down in rank, put behind desks and “retired”… maybe they failed the test because they are Patriots?

All of these politicians in my opinion should be impeached for treason.  They have all placed their hand on the bible and were sworn to uphold The Constitution.  They have failed and are failing to perform their duties which they were elected and paid with taxpayer monies to perform.  Speaking of “elections,” there have been many reports of election fraud during the past election.  How is it possible that no investigations have occurred into precincts where 148% of registered voters “turned out” to vote?  How is it possible that 100% of the vote was one sided in a Philadelphia borough?  Statistically this is impossible as at least one person would by mistake have voted for the challenger.  OK, enough, so you understand that I’m pissed off (and scared) about what is surely coming as it always does when a government moves toward dictatorship… (end of rant),

From the “budget” standpoint we are only talking about $85 billion.  In today’s world this is nothing… it is less than nothing (unless you are talking about gold reserves).  TARP was $700 billion, 8 times larger.  The Fed is buying $85 billion worth of Treasuries each and EVERY month!  $85 billion is a ham sandwich at best when looked at from the standpoint of the big picture… but wait, is it really?  Yes and no.  It depends on which “big picture” you are looking at.  Washington/Wall St. or Main St.?  In the world of high finance and fraud, $85 billion is not much.  Bernie Madoff stole over $50 billion and he’s just one man.  The Fed gave $83 billion to U.S. banks last year just to keep them open.  Our annual deficit is 15 times $85 billion… it is nothing.

But to the man/woman on the streets it is HUGE.  It means a MASSIVE amount of jobs.  I have seen estimates of well over 1 million jobs will be lost with this sequester.  This is the “rub,” the stupidity of how large the system was becoming was kept hidden from the public all this time.  A billion, a trillion, $16 trillion or even $1 quadrillion (of derivatives) were just numbers.  They were mere numbers that you read about or heard about in the news.  They weren’t real in any way to the average person.  But… if this chump change amount forces the firing of some postal workers, soldiers or other government employees it will become real.  VERY real!

I find it humorous that these traitors in Washington cannot find 1/2% of the budget to cut.  Could you find 5% or 10 times that of your personal budget to cut?  Eat out less, stop smoking, car pool or whatever.  The fact is that the average American already HAS been cutting their budget for probably the last 5 years, in some cases many more years than this yet the government cannot cut 1/2%.  Why not?  Simple, ANY cutback (even as small as $85 billion) is big, HUGE to Main St..  Any cut to Main St. will “pull up the government skirt” and people will finally realize just how big a paltry $85 billion really is.  I guess the best way to explain this is that the public will finally realize just how big even small numbers are in reality.

Now you know the why that DHS has purchased close to 2 billion hollow point bounds of ammo.  Main St. is going to be hopping mad when they figure out what has been done to them.  Main St. slept through the entire run up to where we are now.  It will be a very rude awakening indeed!