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As of yesterday there have been 6 dead bankers and one financial reporter missing in less than a month.  Do they know something that we don’t know?  Is this like 1929 when bankers were jumping out of windows?  We saw a few of these in 2008 and a few more in 1987 but nothing like this.  It can’t be because of the markets, they seem to be “buoyant” enough and no huge losses that we can see?  Sure interest rates have backed up a little but isn’t everyone, everywhere on the planet hedged?

2 or 3 of these bankers are from JP Morgan, they haven’t reported any trading day losses in the last 6 months, were these guys “black sheep” that made bad trades and only broke even…or God forbid actually lost money and decided to “end it” out of shame?  No, the only single common thread between these bankers is that they were in positions close enough to have information to avail the LIBOR investigations. Is this common thread a coincidence?

I don’t think it’s any coincidence at all, I view this the way I view everything.  If something is obvious then that’s what it is.  Yes of course you do have to look past the media “pump” but as the CIA says, “There are no coincidences.”  Is it a coincidence that physical gold inventories at the COMEX and LBMA have been drawn down along with GLD…while refineries and mints are running 24/7…while verified physical demand has increased dramatically…and GOFO rates have gone negative at least a half dozen times since June?  If you add into this mix that the Germans asked the NY Fed for only 20% of their gold back…do you really believe that they said, “Take your time if you wish, no hurry, 7 years is fine” as Jeff Christian suggests?  Is it a coincidence that they only received 5 tons…which they first said were “re” refined in the U.S. and then changed their minds and insisted that the “re” refining was done in Germany?  I ask this last question for two reasons, if the gold was really at the Fed (or “plentiful” as the bears claim), wouldn’t the Fed just send the gold and be done with it?  And why waste time or money to recast the bars?  Were they not in a form where they couldn’t be sold or pledged as trade collateral?  Sorry, gold is gold and in a pinch it could sold or pledged for “credit” even if it was shaped or cast as a toilet bowl.  Maybe this is was what happened?  Maybe it was already sold or pledged and claimed?  Ha, what a coincidence!

Turning to another subject, the world really is “hot” right now.  No, nothing to do “global warming” (or in the case of the U.S., snowing), there are riots everywhere you look.  Egypt is boiling, Syria is in a civil war, Venezuela and Argentina are on the verge of hyperinflationary collapses, Italy’s government is about to dissolve while Brazil is facing a big devaluation, China and Japan (and thus N + S Korea) are throwing jabs at each other…while Iran has cut some sort of nuclear deal (gift) that allows them to thumb their noses.  Let’s not forget about Kiev, Ukraine that seems to have lit up just as the Olympics got started…all a coincidence?

My point is this, unrest is being seen in many different places right now.  This is at a time when capital inflows have been seriously weakening into the U.S.  Is it a coincidence that all of these hot spots have been (are being) lit up at once?  Doesn’t capital normally flow into dollars as a “flight to quality” or safe haven reaction?  That’s the way it used to work right?  Have we stooped so low as to actually “applaud” foreign unrest because that would mean extra demand for dollars?  Have we in any way “fostered” or fanned the flames of any of this?

I can’t say for sure because I’m not “in the know” but it surely seems “coincidental” doesn’t it?  Country after country has been lining up and signing trade deals amongst themselves…without using the dollar…capital flows into the U.S. shrink drastically and then it starts to get “hot”…coincidence.  President Obama even has a meeting (summoning) in Saudi Arabia within a few weeks, will it be a coincidence if there is unrest “all of a sudden” after his meeting?

For years, the dollar was always flocked to for its safe haven status and rightly so.  The U.S. was an economic and military powerhouse; we had for the most part free markets and a rule of law.  Is this so anymore?  We have doubled our indebtedness since President Bush left office… is that financial strength?  Do we have a military that can “force” the rest of the world to use only dollars?  That doesn’t seem to be working.   Do we have free markets that are allowed to seek their own levels?  Levels that clue investors in as to where there is risk and make intelligent capital allocation decisions?  Do we have a rule of law where it is strictly followed and not “bent”…and applied to everyone no matter whom they are or who they know?  Or do we have man “with a pen” so to speak.

None of what is happening is a coincidence.  We take on more debt because we have to.  We print money to purchase that debt because foreigners, who were once buyers, are now sellers of our debt.  The lies get bigger because they have to, to cover past lies and because the public just “can’t handle the truth.”  Too big to fail cannot be jailed because investors “can’t handle the truth” either.

I will leave you with one last thought, coincidence or not?  Is it a coincidence that the government has built a $90 million ghost town in Virginia so that it can be used to practice techniques to quell civil unrest?  Is it a coincidence that DHS, the IRS and even the postal system has purchased over 2 billion (yes with a “b”) hollow point bullets including almost 200,000 “sniper rounds?”  Coincidence or do they know something that we don’t know?