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Normally, I write these “quickies” in the early morning.  However, it’s Sunday night and the whole family is asleep – including my father, visiting from Florida.  And thus, to prolong my tomorrow, I put this one together tonight.  There’s not a whit of time sensitivity in this piece; other than the rapidly approaching fiat currency END GAME.

In this weekend’s Podcast, I noted how a whopping 85% of government was never “shut down” despite the endless rhetoric – validating the conclusion of another great Michael Snyder article.  As I wrote last week, big government – like fiat currency regimes – is itself a Ponzi scheme that CANNOT be reduced, let alone shut down.  Too many people rely on it for survival; and thus, when I read Saturday that Defense Secretary Hagel “ordered“ 400,000 furloughed military employees back to work after a whopping four days, I wasn’t the least bit surprised.

That said, constitutionally, can they really do that?  I mean, if the government is “shut down,” can a Cabinet member simply order people back to work.  By that reasoning, why doesn’t Obama simply “order” EVERYONE back to work; whilst raising the debt ceiling, invading Syria, and whatever else his whims tell him when he steps off the golf course?

I had thought U.S. government credibility sunk to an ALL-TIME LOW when Congress arbitrarily “delayed” the debt ceiling in May; much less, when it claimed the recent halt in published debt accumulation was due to “reduced deficits” rather than the real reason; i.e, “extraordinary measures” that amount to nothing more than accounting fraud that will be observed by the entire world the day the ceiling is raised.  However, this juvenility takes the cake; and when combined with other, blatant government scams like daily PPT market support telling charts, the case for a rapid breakdown in global confidence grows exponentially stronger.

Governments the WORLD ROUND are guilty of the same, confidence-draining lies – such as Greece stating it wouldn’t dare confiscate private assets; or the U.S. claiming Obamacare will “pay for itself, the next debt ceiling will be abided by, QE will be “tapered,” or Fort Knox actually holds any gold.  In many cases, I truly believe they think the ENTIRE WORLD is that stupid; which of course, could not be more untrue.  It’s just a matter of time before the seeming “control” they have – via financial market MANIPULATION – is permanently lost; most notably in the Precious Metal markets, which have never been defeated in 5,000 years of human history, and certainly won’t now!