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With the election now over, I was scratching my head this morning and wondering whether or not “they know.”  Know what?  The “math” that I’ve been writing about these past weeks, that’s what.  It just dawned on me that if someone really knew and understood the problems and that we’ve waited far too long to correct, adjust and repair, who in their right mind would want to be the president of the United States?  A “smart person?”  Obama has all sorts of diplomas, Romney has made a fortune and turned many businesses around, but, how “smart” are these two guys?  I mean really, they were beating each other over the head for months just for the privilege of being captain of a mathematical Titanic.

What about Ron Paul?  How smart is he?  He wanted the same post.  He surely “knew” what the problems were and actually had some plans to try to fix things.  He is a brilliant Austrian economist with good ole’ common sense… but, even he was fooled!  (Ron Paul: Election shows U.S. ‘far gone’)  It didn’t take long though for him to figure it out!  The election has opened Mr. Paul’s eyes; he knows, it’s over.

I wrote 3 or 4 years back that I thought there was absolutely no way that the policy responses being taken could have been by accident.  That even a 3rd grader in the bottom half of his class would not have done the things that were being done.  I concluded that we were not “going” down the drain, we were being steered, led, cajoled or whatever down the drain.  I thought then and am now convinced that the direction we are headed both fiscally and socially is not by accident.

After listening to people explain why Barack was going to save us and as to how Mitt would turn things around I realized just how STUPID (supposedly smart) people really are.  Obama supporters would just mechanically repeat talking points heard on TV and Romney supporters would point to his past successes in turning around individual businesses.  After Ron Paul was silenced and eliminated did you hear anyone say anything about going back to following the Constitution?  Changing the monetary system?  Pulling back from “empire” building because we can no longer afford it?

No, one candidate wants to raise taxes and the other wanted to lower taxes.  Neither “solution” had a snowball’s chance in South Texas of working.  These two are either complete idiots or have another agenda.  I say “idiots” because what I have written for you over time is certainly not rocket science.  I am not some brilliant savant who can see the future.  No, I am just Joe Blow who has gotten through life by using common sense and able to piece some logic together.  Really, how hard is it to see that the root of the world’s problems lie in the fact that the reserve currency is false?  How hard is it to understand that accepting a currency issued by a bankrupt issuer is receiving no payment at all?

In any case, the election is over and no one (inside of government) has a clue.  Yes, we hear the scary term “fiscal cliff” on the news every day now but hey, this is America, it can’t happen here.  All I have to say is that when all is said and done, President Obama will go down in history as the American president who lost the system in its entirety.  He will be blamed when in fact this whole epic saga was started many years ago.  You could say it started with Roosevelt and the social programs and probably be correct.  You could also say that Johnson’s “guns and butter” or Nixon taking us off the Gold standard was the beginning of the end.  You could blame the Democrats or the Republicans.  Blame anyone that you’d like, it won’t change the fact that “we,” collectively have pissed away the fruits of our ancestors labors in a generation or two through greed, fraud, stupidity, laziness, avarice and many other adjectives.  Maybe, when we get the system going again, “common sense” ought to be a mandatory class for K-12?  Finding teachers for this however might be a difficult task!