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Larry Edelson says, “I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that silver is topping right now.”  He is convinced silver is going to fall to $23.  All I can say is – who ya gonna believe?  Edelson or Sinclair?  Edelson is selling you a subscription newsletter and trying to get you to use his expertise to trade the market.  Sinclair, who owns a gold mine in Tanzania, is selling you nothing – he says buy physicals, hold tight and don’t let the criminals scare you out of your positions.  Edelson is no better than the crooks on Wall Street who manipulate the price of gold and silver to pick YOUR pocket.  He is worse, he is playing on their manipulation to scare you into paying HIM for his advice.  Despicable!

Do compare Sinclair’s comments to Edelson’s and see which commentary makes more sense.

The ‘Why” Of Gold At And Above $3500

January 26, 2013, at 9:58 pm
by Jim Sinclair

My Dear Extended Family,

Think of the value of the gold reserves of the euro with their gold marked to market by the ECB. Think of the percentage then that their gold reserves would be as a percentage of fiat currency held in reserve. Think then of the primary market in gold by default moving into the cash market as the criminal paper gold market is disgraced via delivery failures. In my early life both my wife and I were Comex members. Who else commenting about gold has that real time experience of how you play markets? Who commenting out there would have the slightest idea of how one goes about making a cash market in gold as was made with Sinclair Global Arbitrage.

The dollar and the euro have been at war since the day the euro rose above par to the dollar. Now look at the euro chart in terms of dollars. View the transition of the euro to a bull market and the transition of the modest recovery in the dollar re-entering into a decade long major bear market. This is the foundation set in steel that will launch the next major bull phase in the gold price very soon.

When you look back at this multi-month gold market operation you will know what it was all about. Gold mining is a terrific business, truth be known, now being condemned by all the merchants of bullion in the gold community. Who needs enemies when you have such friends right within the community? Bullion is clearly a risk only to price but condemning gold shares is total nonsense utilized by PM scoundrels to market other gold products.

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In Jim Sinclair’s article, above, he discusses how people who sell physical metals do their best to steer people away from mining shares.  Andy Hoffman has been vehemently against owning the shares since the day he came to work at Miles Franklin – not because he has an agenda to sell physicals but because his own personal decade-long career in that sector taught him that people who invested in the shares and held on, lost a great deal of their investments.

Yes, mining shares were great for half a dozen years, and I made a lot of money with them myself, but since 2008 they have been a disaster.  My belief and that of Bill Holter is that at some point, as gold and silver begin to really rise, the shares will be a terrific investment.  Hoffman would agree on that point as well – but he feels the timing is NOT now.  The Vancouver article that Andy sent me exemplifies why he feels the way he does.   He acknowledges that miners will go up when the cartel is broken, but only if not caused by a horrible event that causes governments to immediately take draconian actions…  And it is not, as Sinclair suggests, to feather Miles Franklin’s nest.