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Here are two interesting charts, courtesy of our own Ranting Andy Hoffman, that track the relationship between physical gold and mining shares… There is no argument here.  Gold has outperformed the mining shares since 2008.  Andy has been very outspoken about market manipulation and the need to leave the stock market for physical gold and silver, in your possession.  He has been right!  My advice – Don’t Mess With The ZoHoffman.

Par for the course, Kitco News reports gold lower as dollar firms.  Sure – dollar up a few cents, stock market up 126 points, oil and palladium up and gold down big and as you can see, below, the drop of nearly $30 took place in a matter of minutes.  This is the footprint of a “determined not for profit seller.”  I wonder who that could be?  With the fundamentals still favoring gold, who would sell without regard for profit?  This is the kind of day that gives Ranting Andy a migraine.  But heed Jim Sinclair’s words today – “If you are without margin, it is totally irrelevant.  If you have margin, you are screwed.” 

My readers, for the most part, are NOT margined.  They do not trade gold.  They buy physicals and hold on tight.  Yes, you will be rewarded.  Gold is just jumping back and forth between $1,520 and $1,580.  It is still above support at $1,550.

Check out Julian Phillips article today.  Many of you feel that the gold is tied to the (falling) performance of the Euro.  The essay will clear up any mis-conceptions you have in that regard.

Also, the John Mauldin essay – Class of 2012 is great.  Not about gold and silver, but still, one you do not want to miss.