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First, two quotes I stumbled across:

Moving wealth offshore. This is extremely important, the government is looking for money, new taxes, regulations, and scapegoats. Before we face new taxes or policies that trap our money in the state we reside, get some of your wealth out of the USA. For those looking for a bank account, consider Panama, for gold/silver storage, check out … MilesFranklin.com. Don’t exclude real estate either. Buying real estate in South America, Australia,  and Canada is very easy for Americans. In times where certain western governments are taxing some individuals up to 75% and the mob of democracy wants to tax the job creators, it is very important you hide your money from the mob by diversifying your wealth regionally.

Future Money Trends, November 11 2012


A little comment on Mr. Zhang from the Peoples Bank . It comes as no surprise that China in the last 12 months from August 2011 through August 2012 decreased their ownership of US treasury securities from $1.278 trillion to$1.153 trillion. This represents a decline of about 10% according to the US Treasury.

Then on November 8, 2012 Zhang Jianhua, an official of the Peoples Bank of China (the Chinese central bank), stated “The Chinese government should not only be cautious of the imported risk caused by rising global inflation, but also further optimize its foreign exchange portfolio and purchase gold assets when the gold price shows a favorable fluctuation.”

Our translation of his central banker speak is… China should buy gold on price declines and not buy so many foreign currency bonds.

We strongly agree with Mr. Zhang. Clearly he knows that there is continued global inflation ahead.
– Monty Guild, on jsmineset.com, November 11 2012

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