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Yesterday John Embry of Sprott Asset Management wrote “This is headed toward a catastrophic ending.  We are in a period in world history that has never been seen before, and the thought that the powers that be have any idea how to get us out of this mess without serious chaos is dead wrong.”  Think about this quote, it is exactly correct in all facets.  The world IS in a mess no matter how many false statistics global governments release or how many new highs the Dow or other averages make.  Everything you see and hear is “made for consumption.”  Consumption by the sleeping sheeple and designed to keep their heads buried in the sand.

We are being led to believe that everything is “normal” and our leaders have a “plan.”  “Normal” as opposed to what?  Is running $1 trillion+ per year budget deficits normal?  Is running $500 billion (such a small number in comparison) annual trade deficits for 20 years running normal?  Does having a banking system where the depositors are lower on the creditor totem pole than derivative counter parties normal?  Is it normal to hear about a European country (where the rule of law theoretically existed) consider raiding even small depositor accounts to save their bacon?  Is it normal for a SWAT team to be called into an elementary school because some first grader brandishes a Nerf gun or water pistol?  Or here is a good one, is it “normal” for the U.S. Treasury to have funds “sequestered” and actually spend less?  …or to have the central bank buy up  over 70% of Treasury issuance because there are no other buyers at these nonexistent yields?  Oh, I forgot… in the nation that issues the “reserve currency” which most all other nations and banking systems rely on for “stability?”  While I’m at it, how “normal” is hearing the numeric “trillions?”  (I guess pretty normal now until supplanted by the word “quadrillion”).

Do you see how Mr. Embry was correct?  NOTHING is “normal” if you have any memory at all and our “leaders” are flying completely blind through a financial hurricane of their own making!  This, without any “instruments” because there are none.  There are no blueprints, no maps, not even an “owners manual” to refer to.  We collectively are living through a period of time that has no precedent… globally… but… there is precedent and plenty of it!  Let me explain (and by the way, it ALWAYS ended badly).

One can (should!) read history to see what is happening now has been done many times before.  Globally?  No.  Collectively?  No.  But many times before we have seen Ponzi schemes, we have seen currency debasements, we have seen tyrants come to power, we have seen currency wars and real wars fought over false pretenses, we have seen bubbles galore before and we have seen pure evil and treachery.  We know about “coin clipping” going back as far as the Romans and the Chinese taught us about the dangers of paper monies.  We know all about tulips, Ponzies, speculations and busts in stocks, bonds real estate.  We have seen it ALL before to one extent or the other but NEVER where it blanketed the entire globe nor at a time where participants could actively move funds in milliseconds.

I will leave you with a question or two.  If we fell for these scams and pitfalls before… how is it possible that we are doing the same things again?  If individually each of these wayward times ended badly, how is it possible to not end poorly this time when ALL of the previous evils are being replayed simultaneously… and globally?  Oh, and just one more, if history is actually taught in school, how did we “fall” for it again?  Maybe it just seemed “normal” along the way?