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I have published the below slide – which I open all RANTING ANDY presentations with – countless times. However, I have no intention of stopping, as it is the singularly most important piece of information I can impart

PHYSICAL gold and silver are the ONLY items that have maintained their monetary properties throughout human history; and for good reason, as they have TIMELESS INTRINSIC VALUE…

The list of failed fiat experiments numbers in the hundreds, dating back to the first unbacked Chinese currency, 1,400 years ago…

…including 26 documented instances in the 20th century alone…

                               20th Century Hyperinflations
Nation Year(s) Peak Inflation (%)
Angola 1991-95 1 x 109
Argentina 1983-92 1.5 x 109
Austria 1922-23 500,000
Belarus 2000-08 1 x 108
Bolivia 1984-86 1 x 106
Bosnia/Hergez. 1992-93 5 x 107
Brazil 1967-94 2.75 x 1018
China 1948-55 1.5 x 1019
Georgia 1993-95 1 x 106
Greece 1944 5 x 1013
Hungary 1922-24 n/a
  1945-46 4 x 1029
Mexico 1982-92 1,000
Nicaragua 1987-90 5 x 1010
Peru 1988-90 1 x 106
Phillipines 1942-44 100
Poland 1921-24 1.8 x 106
  1989-91 10,000
Romania 1990-98 5 x 106
Russia 1992-98 1,000
Taiwan 1944-49 4,000
Ukraine 1993-95 100,000
U.S.S.R. 1921-22 n/a
Yugoslavia 1989-94 1.3 x 1027
Zaire 1989-96 3 x 1011
Zimbabwe 2000-08 1 x 1025

…and two in the United States; the Revolutionary War Continental dollar and the Civil War Confederate dollar. In fact, the U.S. would have lost a third currency to HYPERINFLATION – Abraham Lincoln’s Northern “Greenback” – if the Civil War had lasted another year…

Fiat currencies may look official – and often, pretty – but are still backed by NOTHING but the “full faith and credit” of corrupt, compromised governments. ONLY gold and silver have lasted the test of time – which is probably why the King James Bible mentions gold 417 times and silver 320 times; with all 140 mentions of “money” specifically referring to silver and gold. And what a shock, not once does it mention a paper currency.

Finally, for those worn down by PROPAGANDA that silver is not a monetary, but an industrial metal; you will learn the hard way if you bet otherwise. “Gold standard” or not, silver is the world’s oldest form of money, which is probably why it trades with a 100% directional correlation with gold.

The Cartel utilizes the tiny size of the silver market to make it appear more volatile; however, BOTH metals are up sevenfold over the 12-year PM bull; and BOTH will continue to rise until un-manipulated EQUILIBRIUM is found.

I have been quite vocal in my calculation that gold needs to be $15,000-$20,000/oz in TODAY’S DOLLARS to account for 41 years of unfettered MONEY PRINTING; and that the gold/silver ratio should fall to at least its historical average of 16:1…

I have long referenced historical discussions of silver’s relevance, with good reason. In the Torah, the word for money was silver; and even today, 52 countries still use the word “silver” to describe money.

For example, knowing silver’s chemical symbol is “Ag,” it becomes crystal clear why the French word for money is l’argent. Perhaps less clear for Westerners attempting to interpret Chinese; however, for those that can, they understand full well the Chinese character for money is a ‘house of silver.

Silver is both UNIVERSAL and ETERNAL, so PLEASE use it to…


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