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I think I know why gold and silver are “going down.”  Investors are worried that their banks may either go broke or steal balances from their accounts because the sovereign government doesn’t have the money to bail them out anymore.  Investors are also worried that their sovereign government itself may be dragged down the drain and may default if they can’t print enough money to pay the bills.  For those that can print, investors are worried that the central bank may not be able to print enough.  It all adds up to one thing… investors worldwide are giving up on precious metals…  Investors are selling metal to obtain paper currencies as there may not be enough of them to go around!

We know this how?  Because the demand numbers for metal are far outstripping known supply so they must be bogus.  “Price” tells all and the price is going down so everyone must be selling.  Never mind that delivery times are beginning to lengthen (7-8 years in the case of Germany) and that premiums exist… the price is all that matters.  But seriously, this is happening after the Cyprus banking implosion?  While North Korea is rattling Sabre’s loud enough for the U.S. to move and deploy various Navy assets?  In the face of record global demand for both gold and silver?

I will say this, there is “something” out there that is very VERY bad about to be exposed.  If there were not, there would be no need to blatantly and publicly trash the metals and force them 180 degrees from what common logic, common sense and history tells us their prices should be doing.  Don’t be fooled, if you have any dry powder at all, back up the truck and buy as much as you can.  I will leave you with these questions.  If you were in charge of “pulling the levers” and knew that you had to revamp the currency system, wouldn’t you try to scare as many as possible out of and away from the only thing that is REAL money?  Wouldn’t you trash the “price” to get as many to sell prior to closing the markets and shutting the serfs out of protecting themselves?  If you don’t know the answers to these questions then you are probably a “good” person and cannot imagine the evil that is running this show.