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I have often referred to the The Matrix, in the past, as the 1999 classic symbolizes many aspects of the war between REALITY and the evil that seeks to prevent its expression.  “STICKTUITIVENESS” embodies what it takes to survive this epic struggle – as seemingly, the “bad guys” are rich, powerful, and omnipresent – but UNDERSTANDING one’s foes is what wins the war.

Fortunately, victory is assured to those who seek the “HOLY GRAIL OF THE FINANCIAL WORLD” – that is, that “dollars” are but currency, while PHYSICAL gold and silver are money.  Once that point is understood, seeing through the “Matrix” that is our faux financial system is easy; as did Neo when he realized he was “The One”…

The Matrix Neo Is The One!
You, too, can be your own “One” by fighting through the PROPAGANDA of Washington, Wall Street, and the MSM; plus – equally important – the ramblings of the slavishly accepting “sheeple.”  It will be uncomfortable at first – particularly around friends and family.  However, eventually you’ll realize you are not only RIGHT, but right for the RIGHT REASONS…

Financial Armageddon: Future Gold & Silver Prices Are Going to Shock Most People
Anyhow, the point of this RANT is alert you of the wonderful article below; describing what the real financial world looks like – as opposed to the fraudulent “matrix” force-fed to the unsuspecting public…

Selling Your Soul for a Matrix Steak

It reads like a course in “Reality 101”; and I assure you – once you accept its TRUTH, you will be ready to “EXIT THE MATRIX.”


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