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Life is different than it used to be in many ways. The pace is certainly much faster. Making ends meet, or even getting ahead is much more difficult than was just 20 years ago. Information overload is another recent problem that did not used to exist. While I am thinking about it, the following is my opinion which as of now, I am still allowed?

The most obvious change has been “technology”. We now have cell phones (actually portable computers), computers, GPS in more efficient autos, movies and TV on demand, social media, etc. etc.. All of these things were supposed to make life more efficient and thus easier. I would say they have, and they also have not because of some of the unintended (intended) consequences. Just a simple example would be video games. Kids used to be outside all the time and playing games or sports, now they are glued to a screen “gaming”. Forget about the fact these kids grow up out of shape, gaming affects the way these kids think. I would submit it also affects the way parents think, so many today consider video games, hand held or otherwise as a free “babysitter”?

The world has also changed in many other ways but I want to focus on just one because it is THE BIGGEST change and possibly the least seen, known or understood. Put simply, the world has become “fake” in so many ways, yet the average person believes it is all quite real.

Our world today is very fake from A-Z no matter what angle you look. Let’s look at the most basic of all, food. Fruits and veggies? GMO. “Seedless” seems pretty good because you no longer need to spit them out …but what if you wanted to do something crazy like plant the seeds to grow your own? How about meat? Hormones added? Do you have any idea how many products have “soy” added? And you wonder why the world has so many soy boys running around? Food is the most basic of all and the old saying “you are what you eat” is certainly true. However, much of what we eat is vitamin deficient and FAKE and leads to illness!

Speaking of illness, at the risk of the pharmaceutical industry putting a hit out on me and my horse, do you have any idea how many needless drugs are taken each day? Yes, some drugs are entirely necessary but others are not. Look at high blood pressure medications, what about exercising regularly and eating properly? Was high blood pressure an epidemic 100 years ago? Maybe our diet has something to do with it?

And depression drugs? Was this an epidemic in the past? And what percentage takes Xanax and others today? I would simply ask if real food products might put a couple of industries out of business?

Ah, and the “news”? Even though we live in a world with instant information, much (the majority) of what we get bombarded with is false. I would add, not just wrong but purposely wrong. Purposely wrong because no other aspect of “you” is more important than your mind. Which of course is why our tax money goes to schools with propagandists as teachers. I have said many times (and been berated for the opinion), if I had a kid today I would send them to trade school rather than college. I cannot imagine anything worse than spending $250,000 for my child to come back home after 4 years as a wilting snowflake 100% sure I am a capitalistic pig because I believe in self reliance and the liberty to pursue it.

Fake news is so bad, even the weather channel has gotten into it

I could of course morph into “weather modification” but that topic is far too in depth for this writing. As for the media, CNN et al speak for themselves. Their reporting is so blatantly false they need social media to suppress the reality. If truth pops its head up, it either gets labeled fake, shouted down or erased as “hate”. They serve nothing but bullshit on their menus disguised as yummy Swiss chocolate.

How about fake “economic numbers” that have been coming out for years, no matter who was president? 2% inflation? 3.9% unemployment? Really? Or what about reported positive GDP growth while running 5% budget deficits? Has anyone thought about what the numbers would really look like if we had NO deficit spending?

These economic numbers are of course used to justify markets inflating to ridiculous levels (and they say we have very low inflation?). Jim terms it as “MOPE”, management of perspective economics. Basically, lie about the economic numbers, ramp up the markets and no one will be the wiser …and they might just go out and add to their credit card balances because they “feel good”? While I am on this section, do you really believe the numbers on your bank/broker statements? I guess another way to put this is via your retirement promises. The world has unfunded pension liabilities in the $ trillions. Do you really believe you can work for a broke entity, with an underfunded pension, and expect to retire and ride off into a glorious sunset? Really?

What about the law? Is the current DOJ or FBI “real” as we once knew them? I am not talking about the rank and file, I am talking about leadership. And as for leadership, how real was our last president? Everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING about him is classified and sealed. You could search “Joe Blow” and get more information than on Mr. Hussein. Foreign student loans? How about grades in school? Or certainly college? I might even be satisfied if someone, somewhere at least said they knew the man in school? But no. I am sure they were just mistakes but how many time did the words “Michael” or “my Muslim faith” come out of his mouth? Again, America “faked out”?

Moving along and closer to the target, let’s talk about “debt”. In today’s fake world, debt has become the equivalent of an asset …or even better. Debt is used by governments, corporations and of course individuals to hide any decline in standard of living for appearance purposes. This goes back to GDP, without deficit spending the US would have been in recession for many years. I would ask, if one never needed to pay off a credit (and could borrow from another credit card to make monthly payments), wouldn’t we all be traveling by private jet scoffing down caviar (not Russian of course) and swilling champagne? Debt is number 2 on the list of why nearly everything in our world is fake.

Number one on the list, which is always the case when empires crack up is the money itself. Since 1971, the dollar nor any other currency on the planet (with the Swiss holding out for about 30 years) has had any real backing at all. The money has been and is FAKE. If you get nothing else from this writing, please understand that ALL falsehood is spawned by fake money in one form or fashion. Basically, people perform real labor for fake money. They save in fake money. They count their net worth in fake money.

Why? Because they become convinced the money is real and just as good as what it replaced. Once this lie is swallowed hook line and sinker, the rest is easy! Once you can get someone to work for fake money (essentially free), you can then slowly get them to believe anything you want no matter how outrageous! Black is white, up is down, people are genderless except there are 23 different genders …

The bottom line I believe is this. Do not rely on being spoon fed information. Dig for yourself because just as with anything else, no one is going to do it for you (especially not a socialist state!). I don’t know how this will end except being a Christian I have to believe light will prevail over darkness and lies. Never could you have made me believe even after 911 that the world could be faked as totally as it is today. I guess in my naivete I never dreamed people could be so lazy and gullible?

Standing watch,
Bill Holter
Holter-Sinclair collaboration
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