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Someone I greatly respect in the alternative media, constantly warns of people “peddling fear dissemination” to sell products – which naturally, include the ultimate crisis protection assets, Precious Metals.  He is one of the most optimistic people I know – which is for the most part, a very good thing.  Which, believe it or not, I am as well – but NOT about the horrific state of the global economy, monetary system, and geopolitical outlook.  And definitely NOT about the near-term future of the U.S. political, economic, and social situation.

Part of the reason he is so “positive,” is that he is much younger than the average “fear dissemination peddler” – and works not in the Precious Metal or financial market space, but in Bitcoin, which has had few major hiccups in its nascent, and powerful bull market.  Thus, he has been largely shielded from the reality of historical collapses in global economic activity; political regimes; and, ironically, the very fiat currencies that have driven Bitcoin’s rise.  Then again, due to the relentless anti-gold propaganda and price suppression – from “powers that be” hell-bent on delaying the inevitable gold rush that will mark the end of their historic, rapidly dying fiat Ponzi scheme – he’s likely unaware that “dollar-priced gold” is up five times in the past 15 years; and definitely unaware that in nearly all “non-reserve” fiat currencies, gold is either near, at, or in many cases well above, previous all-time highs.

Moreover, for someone who speaks of how difficult it is to obtain Bitcoin in hyper-inflating nations where people need it most, just try buying physical Precious Metals in Russia, Venezuela, or Zimbabwe.  Let alone, at a price anywhere near the prevailing spot market price, irrespective of said rigging.  Heck, even in China, the per ounce premium for physical silver is still $0.85/oz this morning, three months after the Cartel’s “post-Trump destruction” paper raids.

Sure, there’s plenty of “fear dissemination peddling” in the financial world; and plenty in the Precious Metal industry – from newsletter writers; to technical analysis “experts”; “mystics” claiming the end of the world – or at the least the financial world – is at hand because religious prophecies, solar flares, unproven conspiracy theories, or “Web-bots” guarantee it; and of course, bullion dealers themselves.  However, the vast majority of commentators simply discuss the reality said “powers that be” – as represented by the status-quo maintaining “evil Troika” of Washington, Wall Street, and the (rapidly dying, “fake news”) mainstream media – avoid at all costs.

Which most certainly includes the Miles Franklin Blog, which speaks more TRUTH than the entire “evil Troika” output combined.  And trust me, when you’ve spent two decades observing, studying, and proving markets are rigged, it makes it a LOT easier to understand the reality of what’s going on; and consequently, that much of what he considers “fear dissemination” is true.  Let alone, when one takes off the rose-colored glasses of secular Americans who believe the world revolves around the U.S. – and its (for now) “reserve currency” that allows America’s decline to (for now) be “not as bad” as the the vast majority of the world; including “first world” nations like Japan, and regions like Europe.  And of course, there’s that little thing called reputation – which in my case, has been built by 15 years of alternative media writing; including perhaps 2,000 articles and 1,000 podcasts, of which not a penny has ever been charged to a reader or listener.  Most of it, well before I started at Miles Franklin Precious Metals in 2011.  And frankly, I’d put my track record of economic forecasting – based on analysis, common sense, and a tight grasp on reality – against anyone in either the mainstream or alternative media’s economic and monetary realms.

To that end, closely related to the concept of “fear dissemination” – i.e., the prediction of imminent doom, based on actual or imagined real-world factors; is the new-world concept of “FUD,” or “fear, uncertainty, and doubt” – typically, utilized to prevent the purchase of a specific asset.  Such as, for example, spreading rumors that India will ban gold; or China is limiting gold imports; or “wrong way Harry” Dent’s ridiculous claim that gold will fall below $500 due to “deflation,” whatever that means.

Ironically, nowhere is anti-gold FUD dissemination more powerful than in the Bitcoin community (matched only by the equally counter-productive anti-Bitcoin FUD emanating from the Precious Metal community).  Generally speaking, from very young “analysts” with not a clue about the historic role of Precious Metals in the global monetary system.  Let alone, the reasons for, or techniques of, suppressing prices that have enabled history’s largest, most destructive fiat Ponzi scheme to last this long.  Of these, my two favorite anti-gold “FUD statements” – both, from people with unparalleled Bitcoin knowledge – are 1) “gold’s use case ended with the invention of the metal detector”; and 2) “when the Euro collapses, European nations will sell their gold to pay down debt.”

In other words, now more than ever, the time to figure who to trust, and why to trust them, has never been more valuable.  Particularly when it comes to protecting your life’s savings from the ugly, quite obviously worsening scenarios unfolding in the global political, economic, and monetary realms.

Even if this article runs a bit long, I want to show you a handful of the “PM bullish, everything-else-bearish” articles from the past 48 hours alone, for anyone thinking Miles Franklin peddles “fear dissemination” to drive gold and silver sales.

1.The state of California is on the verge of war with (and potentially, secession from) the Trump Administration, over Trump’s threat of de-funding “sanctuary cities” that welcome illegal immigrants. This, as the nation-at-large is being dramatically polarized by the draconian “immigrant ban” Trump “executive ordered” last week – which currently, is being viciously argued in the courts.

2. European bond yields and spreads are spiking, as the latest polls show that not only will Marine Le Pen be the next President of France; and Geert Wilders the next Prime Minister of the Netherlands; but Angela Merkel will NOT be re-elected as Prime Minister of Germany. Not to mention, this morning’s self-explanatory Zero Hedge headlines, “French economic uncertainty surges to all-time high”; and “Fight among Greek creditors over explosive debt sends bond yields soaring.”

3.Also reported this morning, is the Federal Reserve’s first quarter Senior Loan Officer Survey. As Zero Hedge put it, “despite soaring confidence, spiking optimism, and striking gains in financial assets, demand for loans (from credit cards to autos to residential and commercial) have all plunged in the last 3 months.”

4. Do you think Friday’s January jobs reports was “strong?” You know, the one that caused Treasury yields to plunge well below the 2.5% “economic line in the sand’ I “drew” last month?  If you do, take a look at this chart of the first negative year-over-year job growth, globally, since the 2008-09 financial crisis.

5. Not to mention, this chart depicting how TOTAL HOURS WORKED have been declining year-over year for nearly two years. This, despite the creation of millions of (part-time, minimum wage paying, benefits ineligible) “jobs.”

6. Or how about today’s news that despite the most massive data manipulation ever, China still reported that its foreign currency reserves fell below the key psychological level of $3 trillion for the first time since 2011; much of which, is “encumbered” – and thus, not usable to support the rapidly devaluing Yuan.

7. US. consumer bankruptcy filings rose 5% year-over-year in both December and January, marking the first back-to-back monthly increases since 2010

8. US. auto inventories hit a new eleven-year high in January, whilst the inventory-to-sales ratio hit its highest level since the peak of the 2008-09 crisis.

9. This, as China’s “vehicle inventory alert index” had its largest ever monthly surge, with China’s Auto Dealers Association warning that February will be equally bad.

10. US. Federal income tax withholdings and excise tax collections declined in both December and January.

11. US. fixed income swap spreads have surged to their highest level in five years; in Zero Hedge’s words, “signaling a growing concern at the looming U.S. debt ceiling deadline”; which likely, is no more than six weeks away.

12. The Department of Energy reported all-time high S. gasoline inventories last week. This, while prices having been artificially propped by the “oil PPT’s” last ditch propaganda effort regarding OPEC’s soon-to-be-called out “production cut.”

13. For the first time since early 2008 – i.e., just before the biggest real estate crash in global history – rising interest rates and rampant, Federal Reserve catalyzed speculation have caused the cost of purchasing a median U.S. home to rise above $1,000/month.

14. Last but not least, these Zero Hedge headlines, depicting just how isolated, and contentious, America’s role in increasingly unstable geopolitics have become; 1) “Iran’s Ayatollah vows retaliation, says Trump exposes ‘real face’ of American moral corruption”; and 2) “Trump blocked from addressing UK Parliament for ‘racism and sexism.”

Is that enough “fear dissemination” for you?  Or do you think I’m simply spreading “FUD” about financial market assets – that even the vast majority of Wall Street agrees are objectively valued at their highest-ever levels?  Or simply trying to “fool” you into buying Precious Metals, for personal financial gain?

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what is fear dissemination, FUD, and reality.  So make your choice, and do it quickly