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An eerily quiet morning, as the media trance of the past three months’ market “LOCKDOWN” by TPTB continues to shut down all neural activity amongst the 99% of the world that have not trained themselves to critically think.  As future decades of mankind’s DESTINY lie in the balance of whether or not Europe can escape its current financial bind (it CAN’T), the rest of the world plays video games, reads gossip, and types vapid text messages.  The only signs of financial market life  – outside Cartel/Fed/ESF/PPT ALGORITHMS – are in the budding mania for anything surrounding social networking stocks, preparing to suck dry the few remaining dollars that haven’t been lost in stocks, bonds, and real estate over the past decade.

Those that still have Wall Street jobs – the ones NOT in the elite group of criminals charged with writing fraudulent derivatives and programming illegal algorithms – espouse whatever PROPAGANDA is fed to them from Washington, such as that Friday’s job report was “amazing,” Europe’s problems will be resolved by PRINTING MONEY – such as the upcoming “LTRO 2” operation on February 29th – and that Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich actually won primaries.  Of course, even a child can understand the jobs picture cannot improve when government tax revenues are declining

A “Quality Assessment” Of US Jobs Reveals The Ugliest Picture Yet

…and that the PEOPLE of Greece are unlikely to accept poverty and financial slavery for decades to bail out the very same criminal banks that destroyed their proud nation…

Stalemate in talks on Greek austerity measures

In The Meantime, Greece Is Under Strike Lockdown Protesting Austerity

But then again, what do I know?  Luckily, I only needed said child’s intellect to realize stocks, real estate, and derivatives were imminently bursting bubbles, and conversely that PHYSICAL gold and silver are “anti-bubbles,” perhaps the furthest I have EVER seen markets from being bubbles.  Then again, as far as I’m concerned, PHYSICAL gold and silver are not “markets” at all, but MONEY.  Conversely, FIAT CURRENCIES are investable, speculative markets, and holding them can – and WILL – result in real losses over any and all periods of time.

The only scheduled “news” of the day is Quivering Lip Bernanke speaking to the Senate budget committee at 10:00 AM EST, presumably to say all’s well except that we need ZIRP for at least three more years – blah, blah, blah.  As far as PMs go, more of the same, with gold rising ALL NIGHT in Asia until EXACTLY 3:00 AM EST, where you can see essentially the same chart pattern as last night.  Gold has moved back to unchanged in the early pre-market hours, but I can see the makings of another game of DLITG as I write.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?

In my view, the “FEBRUARY NFP FARCE” was intended as another multi-week attack pattern, such as “OPERATION PM ANNIHILIATION I” in September and “OPERATION PM ANNIHILATION II” in December, but I’m not sure it is going to work this time around.  Again, it doesn’t take more than a child’s understanding to see the “FEBRUARY NFP FARCE” was catalyzed by Cartel FEAR of a massive surge above the line in the sand drawn at the KEY ROUND NUMBER of $1,750, and subsequently a run at September’s all-time high of $1,920/ounce.

This is why ”OPERATION PM ANNIHILATION II” was deployed on December 8th, minutes after the wildly bullish news that the ECB lowered interest rates to 1.00%, and minutes after gold surged above $1,750, per the chart below.  In fact, the Cartel’s desperation level was so high that they were forced to put out the FAKE headline, since retracted but never declined, that the Fed, BOE, and BIS were selling gold at the market high.

Then, of course, the “FRIDAY NFP FARCE”, another pre-meditated attack using the most flagrantly cooked employment report in U.S. history as cover.  And what a shock, it occurred less than 24 hours after gold finally recaptured the KEY ROUND NUMBER of $1,750/ounce, and less than 24 hours from the time gold lease rates suddenly plunged into negative territory, just as they did in early December before “OPERATION PM ANNIHILATION II.”

Does anyone doubt such “named storm” attacks are not premeditated?

Think about the preparation that goes into fudging employment reports, sending signals to parasitic “piggy back traders,” and timing attacks so that they ALWAYS occur at the four KEY ATTACK TIMES.  And at particularly times of stress, creating and disseminating (in timely fashion) “gold sales headlines” and other fictional “events” for the media to write up as “causes” of PM plunges, such as the one on Sunday night, May 1, 2011, with China closed for a holiday…

Bin Laden Is Dead, Obama Says

Never mind that the story is a sham or, more importantly, that bin Laden had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with silver trading at $50/ounce (ROFLMAO), but how about the fact that this news didn’t come out until hours AFTER this had been done to silver?…

Just as news that the Swiss National Bank – the only remaining monetarily responsible Central Bank in the world –devalued the Franc by nearly 10%, came out 30 minutes AFTER gold had been violently smashed with the first of several “DEATH STAR” attacks.  This event, launching “OPERATION PM ANNIHILATION I” last September, commenced hours after the quiet Labor Day weekend – during which gold prices SOARED to new all-time highsjust before the wildly gold-bullish Swiss news above, causing this to occur before a single U.S. trader reported to work following the holiday weekend…

Thus, the big question.  Are we amidst yet another multi-week smash, one that could worsen if “bad news” emanates from Greece?  Obviously, I have no idea, but I certainly know that whatever comes out of Greece – bailout or default – is wildly gold-bullish, so no, I’m not worried about a “deflationary meltdown.”  Which, by the way, is the world’s greatest misnomer as money supply is GUARANTEED to exponentially increase under any scenario (think what the Fed, ECB, and BOJ are doing as we speak!).

Equally importantly, gold’s 200 DMA continues to relentlessly climb, and as I exhaustively discussed in December, gold has traded below its 200 DMA on less than 5% of ALL TRADING DAYS over its eleven-year bull market, nearly all of it at the BOTTOM of Global Meltdown I in late 2008, following yet another premeditated Cartel attack.  I predicted at year-end that gold would not stay below its 200 DMA for more than a few weeks, and I am equally confident that any forays below that level in the coming weeks – if at all – will be MAJOR, MAJOR buying opportunities.

In a nutshell, DO NOT FEAR THE CARTEL, particularly if you own PHYSICAL gold and silver as opposed to PAPER investments such as mining shares.  If you own PHYSICAL PMs, you have already won, so rest easy and make further preparations for the financial Armageddon heading our way like a runaway locomotive.