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Susan and I have met many new people in Miami.  We often go out for dinner and sit at the bar and start up conversations with new people.  Susan, Shuggie (our Bichon) and I walk the perimeter of our gated community usually twice a day (those of you who own a dog understand this process) and often end up talking to others who are out walking their dog.  In most cases, the dog runs the household, and that is a fact of life!  Here in our part of Florida, most everyone has a dog and they are usually small and white.

What is very evident from our conversations is that more and more people are aware that prices are rising; but they have yet to connect the dots and realize that the cause is the Fed and their destructive monetary policy.  Also, even though they complain about rising prices, they don’t understand why – since inflation is only running around 2%.  They don’t understand that the data they get from the MSM is far from accurate.  They are confused as to why gas is so expensive, and food too.  A lady I met this morning commented that she was planning a wedding for her daughter and the cost was twice what it was just five years ago when her oldest was married.  She had no idea why this was the case.  How could it be when the media and the politicians all tell her that inflation is not an issue?   By the time they figure out that rising prices are the result of a falling dollar it will be way too late for them to move into gold and silver at affordable prices.  And I’m talking about most Americans.

Be sure and read Greg Hunter’s article in Jim Sinclair’s section and the Sovereign Man’s discussion of how there is no way out of our current fiscal deficit mess.

Each step gold takes is getting bigger and bigger.  The best is yet to come and is not far off.  If you own gold and silver, in the form of in your possession physicals, you have already won!

Susan and I are flying back to Minneapolis on Tuesday to celebrate her birthday and Thanksgiving with the family.  We will be there for a week.  I most likely will not be publishing the daily until after I return to Miami on November 27th.  Happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers from Susan and David.