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Perhaps I’m still not 100% right – as this 48-hour flu has been extremely intense.  However, despite it being my lovely wife’s birthday, I woke up on the “wrong side of the bed” this morning.  Watching the Cartel’s early attempt to enforce the oldest “trick” in its book didn’t make things any better; as god knows I’ve watched the “all great PM days must be followed by horrible ones” play out dozens of times already.

Not that this attempt will necessarily succeed – as it’s early yet – but the signals of their intentions couldn’t have been clearer yesterday afternoon.  First, they CAPPED the PM gains in typical fashion; in gold’s case, at the 2% “ultimate limit up” I’ve discussed countless times before – at KEY ATTACK TIMES like the 10:00 AM EST close of the global PHYSICAL market.  Per below, this incredible chart spans 20 years of “trading” activity.  After the London “PM Fix,” only PAPER gold and silver is traded; and thus, the Cartel typically uses this period to swamp the market with naked short orders…

Gold 8-93-2012 Intraday

Yesterday was no different, as at EXACTLY 10:00 AM EST the day’s gains were stopped cold; followed by the typical ploy of “walking down” mining stocks via the “HUI DEAD RINGER” algorithm I have written of for five-plus years.  In fact, it was that very algorithm that caused me to sell my last mining share in April 2011, in lieu of a 100% PHYSICAL metal position – which I will NEVER alter until a new, gold-backed monetary system emerges…

SPDR NYSE Arca 10-2-2013

By day’s end, gold was up EXACTLY 2.0%, and silver a respectable – albeit capped -2.5%.  However, the HUI had lost all its gains, presaging this morning’s 87th visit in the last 98 days from the 2:15 AM EST naked shorting algorithm; replete with a $6/oz. WATERFALL DECLINE just before the COMEX open, with not another market budging.  It has since recovered most of its losses, but if you read the MSM commentary, you’ll learn NOTHING of what really happened – i.e., as I just described it…

24hr Gold 10-3-2013 812 927

For the record, Reuters “expert reporting” gave the following reason for this morning’s early decline – which still remains Kitco’s “top story,” despite gold having since rebounded sharply; Gold drops on U.S. government shutdown uncertainty.  And what did they write yesterday afternoon, in response to gold’s big gains?  Gold up 2.4 percent on government shutdown.  And how about Tuesday, following the Cartel’s 3% gold drive by shooting; Gold tumbles 3 percent, rattled by government shutdown.  And finally, their coverage of Monday’s modest gains?  You’re going to love this – Gold gains as US shutdown looms.  In other words, you can count on what is deemed by many the premier global newswire service to not only give ZERO meaningful Precious Metals coverage, but to actually contradict itself on a daily basis!

Why am I focusing solely on the daily “manipulation minutia” thus far today?  Well frankly, because not only am I angry – and sick – but because for once, I don’t have a giant, big picture topic in mind.  Sure, I have several “mid-level” topics in mind – such as the ongoing European economic chaos and yesterday’s Bitcoin crash, for example; all of which I’ll eventually cover.  However, today I was inspired more by a piece published on Zero Hedge about the Wall Street “presstitutes” that mindlessly ignore the TRUTH and thus, support the evil forces destroying our lives.  For the record, the great Gerald Celente coined the term; and thus, should be duly recognized.

More specifically, Matt Taibbi – who I last year deemed America’s greatest journalist, appeared on a radio program dissecting a CNBC broadcast featuring “money honey” Maria Bartiromo.  Frankly, it’s hard to believe Maria is still around – after all the money lost listening to her show; but then again, CNBC doesn’t understand its ALL-TIME LOW ratings stem from the fact that people despise her, Jim Cramer, and the rest of the Wall Street sycophants they put on air.

“Presstitutes” are an even more virulent strain of the MSM disease that seeks to detach us from the TRUTH, in the pursuit of profits from a corrupt system that favors the ultra-rich – at the expense of all others.  Whereas, while writers for dim-bulb media outlets like Reuters and Bloomberg simply cheerlead for the sake of better ratings, Wall Street presstitutes – like portfolio managers, analysts, and corporate CEOs – do so in support of government bailouts, “QE,” and other FREE MONEY that might be funneled into their companies or shares.  In fact, the aforementioned clip is a “discussion” of why Jamie Dimon is the greatest CEO on Wall Street; and thus, despite the irreparable damage his firm has done to the public – should be lauded as a financial hero.  It’s bad enough this monster is allowed to run a public company – given its unprecedented criminal track record; but he has actually become a top economic advisor to the President as well.

As for me, I stopped reading the Wall Street Journal in 2001, and watching CNBC not long afterwards.  This is how I survived this decade of decline – and how I will make it to the economy’s next incarnation; after the current, worldwide fiat currency regime fails.  There are many “good, smart people” to listen to, so as long as you know where to look for them – like on the Miles Franklin Blog.  To the contrary, the MSM and Wall Street presstitutes seek to separate you from your money; frankly, not much differently than the entertainment industry spits out the newest “flash in the pans.”  Sinead O’Connor – like her or not – gave this advice to Miley Cyrus today; which could easily serve as a warning to investors to ignore the MSM…

I am extremely concerned that those around you have led you to believe, or encouraged you in your own belief, that it is in any way ‘cool’ to be naked and licking sledgehammers in your videos.  It is in fact the case that you will obscure your talent by allowing yourself to be pimped, whether it’s the music business or yourself doing the pimping.  The music business doesn’t give a sh*t about you, or any of us. They will prostitute you for all you are worth, and cleverly make you think it’s what YOU wanted… and when you end up in rehab as a result of being prostituted, ‘they’ will be sunning themselves on their yachts in Antigua, which they bought by selling your body – and you will find yourself very alone.

USA Today, October 3, 2013

It sounds quite harsh, I know.  However, as I wrote last year, they truly want you dead – at least, financially speaking; and ironically, as I look back at that article, I specifically referred to JP Morgan.  The fact remains the GLOBAL economic landscape has never been more perilous; with the “debt ceiling” and “government shutdown” crises representing a mere fraction of the overall risks.  America represents the epicenter of the “fiat currency quake” enveloping the planet; with gaping pitfalls ranging from areas as diverse as the deflating housing bubble to this week’s commencement of Obamacare; which in the words of Paul Craig Roberts:

Obamacare benefits only two classes of people. It benefits employers who drop their employees working hours below the hours specified for Obamacare coverage, and it benefits the insurance companies or the IRS who collect the premiums and penalties.

Paul Craig Roberts, October 1, 2013

And thus, no matter how many “hail mary” rallies the PPT perpetrates on the Dow Jones Propaganda Average to mask the reality the presstitutes attempt to obfuscate, it still exists – as virulent and destructive as ever.  The worldwide economy will weaken ad infinitum, heightening the pressure on Central banks to PRINT, PRINT, PRINT – until inevitably, ALL currencies are destroyed.  My best advice is to avoid the MSM’s siren calls of “recovery” entirely; but even if you do, their impact is still felt across all facets of society – particularly those where the media is either controlled or heavily “influenced.”  Thus, you must FIGHT them with all your might; lest it is your own “financial death” they will be responsible for!

Blue Chart

…followed just minutes later by some of the direst comments EVER made by a Treasury Secretary; regarding next week’s pending debt ceiling breach…

1015am Quotes

In the aftermath, gold and silver have gone positive for the day, while the Dow is down 120 points – to oh no, 15,010!  Could the PPT actually fail to hold it above the VERY, VERY KEY ROUND NUMBER of 15,000; and thus, lose any remaining public confidence that “all’s well?”  Frankly, it matters not, as the cascading global economy will steamroll ALL official efforts to reverse the tide; ultimately, yielding a panic from crashing fiat currencies into ITEMS of REAL VALUE, like PHYSICAL gold and silver.