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Countless “empires” have ruthlessly ruled the planet, always ending in collapse. The United States is the current “evil empire”; albeit, its hegemony is just a blip in the scheme of history. Actually, it’s safe to say the British Empire has America soundly beaten in this characterization – having terrorized the world for most of five centuries


History of the British Empire – Timeline


I described one of England’s most vicious, destructive organizations in “THE WORLD’S MOST EVIL COMPANY (miles franklin)” – the East India Company, which exploited and robbed the four corners of the Earth for nearly 300 years. Today, of course, its chief villain is the Bank of England – which literally taught the Federal Reserve how to HYPERINFLATE…


UK Fuel Prices Head for Highest Level Ever


…and destroy the world with CURRENCY WARS…


Please Welcome UK to the Global Currency Wars


Sometimes an empire ends with a bang; but not so for the United Kingdom of Self-Immolation…


How the End of Empire comes, not with a bang, but a whimper


…which has ruined itself with insane money printing


UK most indebted nation in the world reveals new study


…pathetic “leadership”…


Tony Blair’s promise to George Bush: Count on us on Iraq war


…and draconian regulations


Switch Off: UK may soon struggle to keep lights on


…except, of course, for its thieving banks




…which have cumulatively committed more FRAUD than JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs combined


As Barclays CEO resigns: Libor manipulation scandal engulfs 16 top banks


Care of cancerous government policy, the UK is mired in recession


‘Blame the Weather’ As UK Heads For Unprecedented Triple-Dip-Recession


…which frankly; MASSIVELY understates the true state of things…


British Economy Is WORSE than During the Great Depression


The nation has deeply entrenched itself in “THE FINAL CURRENCY WAR (miles franklin)“…


Bank of England chief joins minority wanting more asset buying


…which will NEVER end…


Tucker Says He’s Open to more QE as BOE Stresses Flexibility: Economy


…until the Pound – like all the world’s fiat currencies – collapses (notice the “death cross,” as the 50 DMA falls below the declining 200 DMA)…

Simon Black says “being downgraded by Moody’s is like being called a moron by a moron”; which I whole-heartedly agree with. Irrespective, last week’s long-awaited stripping of the UK’s Triple-A rating – at least symbolically – represents the “FINAL BREATHS OF THE EVIL EMPIRE”…


Farewell Eng£AAAnd: Moody’s Downgrades the UK from AAA to Aa1


After 500 years of imposing its will on the world’s population, “payback’s a b-ch!”




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