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For years, I have emphasized that one does not “invest” in Precious Metals, but saves them.  This is because PHYSICAL gold and silver are real money – to be held in the same manner we have been traditionally brainwashed to do so with “dollars”; “euros”; and assorted fiat trash.  In other words, I have NEVER heard someone tell me they “invested” in a bank account; or that they expect their money to “appreciate” via interest accruals.

Of course, “PAPER PM Investments” – like ETFs and mining shares – are another thing; and given the expanding FRAUD of so-called “financial markets”; making such investments has been – and likely, will continue to be – hazardous to your ability to survive

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Moreover, I have constantly used the word “defense” to describe how one should consider PM holdings; a concept reinforced by this fine Future Money Trends interview with Jeff Nielson; an up-and-coming PM commentator that clearly “gets it”…

Jeff Nielson: Gold & Silver Miners & Manipulation Explained
He, too, understands we don’t own PHYSICAL gold and silver to “make money”; but instead, to PROTECT financial assets.  You can’t “make money on “money” – especially when it doesn’t pay interest; and PMs’ “value” NEVER changes.  Instead, essentially ALL PAPER ASSETS decline in value against them over time; particularly in the final phases of a GLOBAL fiat currency conflagration

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Ultimately – as Miles Franklin’s President, Andy Schectman, has stated countless times before…

What’s going on with Gold & Silver Prices? Andrew Schectman Interview

…it is the LACK OF SUPPLY that will end the PM bull market – with 98% of the world’s population UNPROTECTED.  And when I say the “end” of the PM bull, I mean the “end” of one’s ability to acquire them – at ANY PRICE…

You see, the “PM bull” is actually nothing of the sort.  As noted above, gold and silver’s “value” never changes; as they are the same inert rocks as when god created them thousands of years ago.  Instead, the “Fiat Currency Bear” is expanding, giving the impression PMs are “rising.”

True, gold and silver’s purchasing power is rising; and when the Cartel is inevitably BROKEN, the “catch-up” to TRUE VALUE will be breathtaking.  However, ultimately we will just be seeing the destruction of “assets” that were NEVER actually worth anything; that is, aside from the “full faith and credit” of various bankrupt, thieving governments.

Only then will the 98% of UNPROTECTED citizens realize they were playing “offense” with their capital when they should have embraced “FINANCIAL DEFENSE”; and thus, that their odds of financial survival have dramatically decreased.


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Jeff Nielson: Gold & Silver Miners & Manipulation Explained