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Given yesterday’s historic news, of Trump blind-siding the gold Cartel’s principal propaganda meme of the past 20 years – the “strong dollar policy” – by saying the “dollar’s too strong”; and thus, taking the “final currency war” thermonuclear; you probably thought I’d start with something gold-related.  I’m not, but I couldn’t resist showing you just how desperate the Cartel is to survive, “Cartel Heralding” gold seven times in the 24 hours since Trump’s “weak dollar policy” comments.  But have no worry, the fight is a decidedly losing one, like rats rushing to the top of a sinking ship!

To the contrary, I’m going to start with a story out of the UK.  No, not Theresa May betrayed her constituents, Alexis Tsipras-style, by ignoring the BrEXit referendum and putting the final BrExit decision to a Parliamentary vote.  Which, if it doesn’t pass – which I believe it will – may well catalyze a violent political revolution.  No, I want to focus on Pearson plc, the world’s largest education company, which lost 25% of its market cap after announcing last night that ,due to an “unprecedented decline in its North American business” – which had previously been expected to be “broadly stable”, 2017 earnings will be much lower than anticipated.

The first reason I bring this up is to demonstrate just how tapped out American consumers have become, despite what government book-cookers depict to be the third longest economic “recovery” in U.S. history.  You know, the one that has caused 95 million able-bodied Americans to give up looking for jobs; and countless millions, seduced by government (i.e. taxpayer) funded roach motel debt traps, to triple their unpayable, unpardonable student loans – in many cases, not to fund educational exploits, but basic living costs.  All in the supposed pursuit of worthless college degrees, in a secularly collapsing job market that will not get “better” if Trump enacts his ridiculous protectionist, but highly populist, trade policies – but worse.

Which brings me to something I have been shouting from the rooftops of for years, to the handful of people who will listen.  Which is, that the “college conspiracy” described in the National Inflation Association’s MUST WATCH 2011 documentary is real; and thus, the entire educational system as we know it is destined to shortly, and permanently, disappear – in the same dramatic fashion that Central bank managed monetary regimes will one day be replaced by decentralized crypto-currencies.

Fellow parents, be prepared for future generations to NOT attend college – or “university”; as instead, families will start saving their money, and find alternative means to prepare children for specifically-targeted careers.  Which in turn, will catalyze massive layoffs in the bloated “education industry”; prompting increasingly draconian socialistic policies, from increasingly populist politicians; and ultimately, exploding money printing to pay for it.  Which in turn, will accelerate the demise of history’s largest, most destructive fiat Ponzi scheme; and catalyze exploding Precious Metal demand, as billions seek to protect themselves from inflation; and ultimately, a complete mistrust of Central banks, yielding the rise of decentralized (i.e., NOT government issued or regulated) crypto-currencies.

And the same goes for Obamacare; which despite Trump’s ridiculous claim that he can “repeal and replace” it with something better – providing “insurance for all,” with superior care, lower premiums and deductibles, and lollipops and rainbows – will NOT be replaced, growing in lock step with the explosive growth of America’s elderly population.  Which in turn, will yield further socialism and money printing, per the vicious cycle described above.  This, and countless other such massive, accelerating financial issues are what America faces in 2017 (look at this morning’s horrific Target earnings outlook if you don’t believe me), with a loose cannon of a President intent on burning two bridges for every one he builds; amidst the worst global economy of our lifetimes; the highest-ever level of individual, corporate, municipal, and sovereign debt; the worst Western demographic trends ever; a collapsing Ponzi scheme of a pension system; and a dying fiat Ponzi amidst its terminal, cancerous phase.  Which is why, in recent weeks, I have predicted 2017 will be an historic year for “money printing”; “draconian government actions”; and “monetary revolution.”

Which brings me to today’s extremely important topic – of how America’s financial “leadership” is closer than ever to taking the “nuclear option” of hyperinflation; and thus, why you MUST consider protecting your financial assets ASAP, before the increasingly narrow window of opportunity to do so closes.  To that end, I cannot emphasize enough how dire the ramifications of Trump’s comment that the dollar is “too strong”; as clearly, he intends to take the “final currency war” I first warned of four years ago to its deadly, hyperinflationary conclusion.

Followed by last night’s psychotic speech from the Fed’s second most powerful member – former Goldman Sachs “Chief Economist,” and current New York Fed President Bill Dudley – encouraging historically leveraged and underemployed Americans; in an environment of explosive cost-of-living increases; to cash out whatever remaining home equity they have, early 2000’s style.  In other words, the exact same behavior which caused the largest, most damaging real estate collapse in global history.  To wit, his soon-to-be-infamous quote, “whatever the timing, a return to a reasonable pattern of home equity extraction would be a positive development for retailers, and would provide a boost to economic growth.”

Which, given that interest rates have, until recent weeks, been sharply rising, is all but impossible – as said rate increases have annihilated mortgage re-financing activity, all the way back to 2008’s post-Lehman lows.  In other words, following in the hyper-inflationary steps of Trump (who personally has as much to lose from rising rates as anyone on the planet), Dudley not so subtly hinted the Fed must act more “dovishly,” if it wants to re-ignite said “reasonable pattern of home equity extraction.”

Throw in the fact that Fed governor Lael Brainerd – who last Fall purposely splashed cold water on the notion of a November rate hike – gave a speech yesterday, cautioning that the costs of Trump’s as yet undisclosed fiscal stimulus plans (which in my view, are not politically or economically viable) may be “significant”; and thus, that the current monetary back drop is “uncertain.”  In other words, like Dudley, walking back the Fed’s recent, faux hawkishness – feigned solely to “preserve credibility” that doesn’t exist – in preparation for re-joining the global money printing parade, in line with Trump’s hyper-populist statement about the dollar being “too strong.”

At this point, I’m not sure how much more obvious it can be that history’s largest, most destructive fiat Ponzi scheme is nearing its end – and that the political, economic, social, and monetary ramifications will be as severe, and far-reaching, as anything the world has experienced in generations.  To that end, there has NEVER been a more urgent time to protect your financial assets, with the only asset class proven to have done so throughout time.  And if you decide to take such action, we humbly ask you to call Miles Franklin Precious Metals at 800-822-8080, and give us a chance to earn your business.