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Never has so much of what we are told been erroneous, fallacious, or misinterpreted – either purposefully, or via ignorance.  And particularly regarding money, as I recall hundreds of Forensic Files and Judge Judy episodes I’ve watched over the years, regarding lies, fraud, theft, and murder – nearly all of which, in the name of money.  Or better put, in today’s world of unfettered Central bank printing presses – fiat currency.

No matter where one looks, the lies couldn’t be more transparent – whether it’s debt “ceilings”…


…economic “growth” – per this article putting China’s “6.9% GDP growth” into context

  • China export trade: -8.8% year to date
  • China import trade: -17.6% year to date
  • China industrial output – crude oil, steel: -3% year to date
  • China industrial output – cement: -3.2% year over year
  • China industrial output – electricity: -3.1% year over year

…or the fabled, propagandized U.S. “recovery” – whilst negative macroeconomic data “surprises” are amidst their longest-ever period of weakness…


…credit markets are flashing their weakest signals since the 2008 crisis – i.e., the “accelerating junk bond collapse” I wrote of last month…


…economic activity is plunging – per this weekend’s hideous retail sales forecast…

“According to the annual survey from the National Retail Federation, total spending on Halloween this year is expected to reach $6.9 billion, down 7% from $7.4 billion last year.”

…and this horrifying New Home Sales report, which just printed as I was editing…


…as commodity prices collapse…


…whilst ironically, real inflation – of things we “need versus want” – surges…


Even corporate CEOs, whose only loyalty these days is to their stock options, are practically screaming – per this comment from the CEO of Fastenal industrial supply distribution, per feedback from 2,600 global branches…

“The industrial environment is in a recession – I don’t care what anybody says, because nobody knows that market better than we do – as we touch 250,000 active customers each month.”

Thus, why anyone still listens to the charlatans of Washington, Wall Street, the Mainstream Media – and of course, the Federal Reserve and its Central banking “partners in crime” – is beyond me, as everything they have predicted has been wrong; and everything they have done to “fix” the problems they created has made matters worse.  And FYI, the Fed’s own “GDP Now” estimate for Thursday’s preliminary 3Q GDP estimate is +0.8%, compared to the Wall Street “consensus” of +1.7%


Sadly, economic fraud pales in comparison to what goes on in “financial markets,” which have been commandeered by “government sponsored” intervention since history’s largest, most destructive fiat Ponzi scheme permanently broke in 2008.  No sector has been spared, and none more so than the “canary in the coal mine” that gold and silver – i.e., real money – represents…


…and not only has not a single thing been done about it, but nothing ever will…

“In reading various recent regulatory reports, it is clear that almost none of the promises that were made to the public about what was going to happen under Dodd-Frank financial reform is actually happening.”

Thankfully, the physical gold and silver markets are not only immune to such paper shenanigans, but their prospects have exponentially improved as a result of 15+ years of price suppression – as will be really apparent when major gold miners report earnings on Wednesday and Thursday.  Watch closely to see what they say about earnings, capital expenditures, finances, and potential write-offs – as on all measures, the trends will be downright ugly, portending declining production for the foreseeable future.

“Most of the major North American companies are scheduled to report third-quarter earnings next week. Barrick Gold, Newmont Mining, and Agnico Eagle Mines have said they will report on Oct. 28th – followed by Goldcorp and Yamana Gold on the 29th.”

That said, the lies and idiocy of the Western world’s “central planners” pales in comparison to the Keystone Kops logic and actions of the Chinese Communist Party – i.e., the “most dangerous, destabilizing force on Earth.”  Yes, I know.  They have “1.5 billion mouths to feed” –which obviously influences their decisions like no other government.  That said, the hideous economic policies spawned by these clueless apparatchiks – like pegging the Yuan to the dollar, for example – has put the entire world in jeopardy; as aside from the Fed itself, no organization has contributed to the hideous, debilitating, global imbalances the aforementioned, historically destructive global fiat currency regime has wrought.

Which is why I can only laugh – and cry – when I hear it’s time for another “Fifth Plenum” meeting – in which, on every fifth year, the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee creates a “five year plan” for political, economic, and social growth.  Yes, a “five-year” plan – suggesting the Chinese actually think as “long-term” as the ongoing myths purport.

Or more importantly, that they can actually maintain such plans when the “going gets tough.”  Which it most certainly has today, now that the misguided plans of previous Fifth Plenums have gone awry – resulting in the aforementioned, historic global imbalances that threaten not just global economic activity for years to come, but political, geopolitical, and social stability.

Watching China’s latest pathetic Central banking lackey, Premier Li Kequiang, speak of 7.0% GDP growth – which frankly, has as much relation to reality as the Boogeyman and Tooth Fairy – shows just how far the world has fallen.  Which sadly, is no different than listening to the lies and propaganda of Obama and Yellen here in the States, or any other politicians or bankers one can name.  The fact is, just like their compatriots in the other “Washingtons, Wall Streets, and MSMs” of the world, they are completely clueless economically – relying solely on money printing, market manipulation, and propaganda to “kick the can” that last mile; and thus, preserve a dying, doomed status quo – in which they personally benefit, to the detriment of the “99%” and their kin.

Thus, to those that actually believe the Chinese government have the slightest bit of control over what they’re doing – or any other government, in today’s collapsing, fiat currency plagued economy – think again.  In reality, under such conditions, five minutes is a better description of their economic time frame – which, as it turns out, is the going rate for time between the crises their own policies created.  Which is why, more than ever, we urge you to PROTECT YOURSELF, and DO IT NOW!