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Read the Wednesday Afternoon Wrap-Up for 1/30/2013 and the Thursday Morning Commentary for 1/31/2013

In 2013 America, the official government strategy is LYING – in all imaginable ways.  And if you haven’t figured this out yet, you shortly will.

Since the economy peaked at the turn of the Century – and global debt levels EXPLODED; TPTB have “altered” the truth with misleading data, manipulated markets, and false “flags.”  Frankly, it feels like I’ve spent a lifetime exposing FRAUDULENT economic data, corporate accounting, government policy, and financial markets.

Recently, the Aurora, Colorado and Newtown, Connecticut shootings have grabbed the national headlines; as much for the “gun control aftermath” as the actual, tragic events.  Like 9/11, published details contain numerous inconsistencies; which, in a nation where government FRAUD is now the rule, makes it very easy to be skeptical.

Unlike 9/11, I do not intend to devote my time to uncovering the TRUTH of these tragedies – although many others are actively doing so.  More power to them – as we should ALL be interested in FACTS.  That said, these events serve as powerful examples of how the ruling “evil troika” of Washington, Wall Street, and the MSM mold public opinion with “misleading” statements and – at times – outright LIES.

This is why EVERYONE should read this fabulous article from Natural News; depicting not only the sham the Newtown coverage appears to be, but the cancerous web of LIES invading our lives from all angles…

You’ve been Sandy Hooked – why everything from politics to health care is pure theater

My job is to PROTECT you by “outing” LIES in the financial arena, particularly in the PM markets.  However, it is your job to explore the ENTIRE world around you; and from this “due diligence,” discern REALITY from PROPAGANDA.  Aside from making your life “whole,” such knowledge could literally mean the difference between LIFE and DEATH!


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