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It’s hard to figure out what gives with silver – Silver Eagle sales are soaring but the price is stagnant.  Who is buying all the (physical) silver?

Black Chart

Andy Hoffman says, “I have ZERO doubt the large majority of buyers are foreign – for now.”

April retail sales disappoint. There is no weather factor in April, further questioning the strength of the recovery.  Will the Fed continue to cut back on their bond purchases with the economy showing signs of sagging?

Zero Hedge posted an article that states Russia, China and Iran are willing to drop the U.S. dollar from bilateral trade.  This could be a game-changer for the dollar.  Could this be the spark that ignites rampant inflation in the U.S., as predicted by John Williams?  Computer warfare and currency wars are the tactic of choice now, not boots on the ground conflicts.  As we have found out, it is very hard to win a conventional war now.