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Hello Silver and Gold holders. I truly appreciate the chance to write for Miles Franklin and hope that you read, learn, and enjoy, the viewpoints from the new writers in our tribe. No one individual has it all down but as a team, we’re able to work thru the articles and news (so called) being pummeled out there by media groups failing at every turn to report anything factual within the financial arenas as well as the Middle American view.

This truly is the topic of freedom in all its aspects and deeper meanings. It’s freedom to share, to ask questions, to hear or read responses from our leaders to those questions, and for “them” to learn what we have to say.  At present none of this is possible under the current form of media, banking, and government, and their obvious collusion’s against the middle. They really seem to have a deep hatred of everything we stand for, including keeping silver and gold in hand and not in their institutions.

Our country was based on freedom of speech, in fact it is the First Amendment because it IS the most important aspect of a free country. Not free stuff, not taking from one to offset the loss of another, but freedom to say what you want in order for others to hear and learn a view.

The First Amendment is being publicly taught right now because it seems apparent that Common Core (thanks to the Dept. of Education) was not interested in teaching the aspects of the term freedom of speech, but only enough data to pass a test, but not the challenges of that freedom. What good is that for our country? Where is the benefit of its outcome? Have we become believers in a paradigm of deceit and think this is OK? I don’t think so and the sports networks are being schooled right now on the expenses of that freedom, and the reaction is not what the planners thought would happen. Lesson learned?

The lessons within our country’s monetary policies are going to make what we are seeing right now with our current sports comedy, look like a group of third graders at practice just barely able to fit into their oversized uniforms let alone catch a ball. Unfortunately, we all know this event is going to happen, and it will affect everybody stuck under an instrument of debt or a negative based currency.

Puerto Rico now has to be completely rebuilt. Infrastructure which includes boat docks, airfields, energy, communications, plumbing, roads, hospitals, all have to be in place before stores, homes or even transportation can be fully utilized. Jobs?? Well if you are in construction, you’re pretty well set, but if you had a job before everything was blown away, you’re now on unemployment, and maybe for a very long time. This is one hell of a mess and it’s not going to be easy or cheap to fix.

Puerto Rico’s debt for all intents and purposes is uncollectable. Will we hear this from what used to be called a news service? No way, instead we’ll get misdirection. Regardless of the lack of main stream media news, we know this is obvious just by looking at the videos of the devastation.

What about insurance companies who take money but don’t manufacture anything? They had to use their clients’ premiums to invest in things in order to stay in place within the investment arenas but now they will have to start to liquidate in order to meet their obligations to their clients. What is that going to do to some or all the markets? It should do a lot of damage to the numbers within the Stock Markets, but all I see right now is the S&P trading higher and no real information or warning that the health of the system may be in trouble.

What about the banks who hold these funds for all these institutions? What is their exposure to all this? Banker’s exposure to insurance troubles has to be huge. Don’t expect much information coming from the likes of main stream media, they are here to hide things and not tell us anything in a fair and balanced format.

The media uses freedom of speech and the rights of the press but they too have failed the American Middle and its views which in turn is a denial of freedom of truth.

Silver and Gold is a form of real freedom too. Especially if it is in the hands of the owner and not an institution. If these institutions can stay afloat after the upcoming liquidation faze, it would be a great (an absolute miracle from God would be more like it) thing. But if one or two insurance companies have written more policies than their incoming premiums can take care of, what will happen to the banks that hold all funds in their midst? Can they use the scariest term out there and claim force majeure?

We still have some freedom in the markets and that freedom allows us to invest in tangibles and other forms of wealth and of course the best minds know, the safest thing for anyone and everyone, in a world where nothing on the airwaves or in the financials can be trusted, is Silver and Gold in hand!

Silver and gold in the hand is no different than it was in the days before banks and before paper script, it has protected the masses against the schemes of bankers and politicians and it still remains the only truth in a hard stop. Take you freedoms seriously and look at the current economic horizons. Do you see a setting sun on an experiment gone horribly wrong? Many do and when the credit freezes come, those with precious metals in hand will have more opportunities to acquire what they need than those stuck when the banks can no longer lend or give you back your money.

Stay Strong!

J. Johnson