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We’re running out of time – as in my very strong view, the most inflectionary point in U.S. history is less than a week away.  In the meantime, I am working as hard as ever to spread truth – knowing full well that the fate of America, and the world at large, hangs in the balance.  Not that the collapse of history’s largest, most destructive fiat Ponzi scheme can be avoided, no matter who wins – but because any hope of civility, dignity, and a return to America’s former greatness will be permanently destroyed by a Hillary victory.  Which thankfully, I believe to be a near impossibility, even if the most hideously blatant, in-your-face attempt to rig the result is being attempted.  Not to mention, that while she will very likely lose, the odds of a protracted, Bush/Gore x 1,000 election contention process – which frankly, could yield violently crashing markets, social unrest, and draconian “Executive Orders” – are in my view, just as likely as not.

Yesterday we saw, for all intents and purposes, the end of one of the “twin towers” of pre-election lies, when we learned that the propagandized OPEC “production cut” is all but dead – as I shouted from the rooftops from minute one; followed by the gut punch of, I kid you not, the largest weekly oil inventory build in the 34 year history of Department of Energy data.  Subsequently, crude nearly breached $45 to the downside, wiping out nearly all of said propagandized gains; and in the process, destroying whatever still remains of OPEC’s credibility.  Which frankly, is running neck and neck with Central banks, for the title of least credible  trade organization.

The Fed had their much ballyhooed meeting – in which, per yesterday’s “what will be the Fed’s excuse(s) this time,” they, despite an ominous seven straight days of stock market declines, met my “base case” scenario of saying utterly nothing, terrified of any pre-election market tremors they might catalyze.  And yet, money market “rate hike odds” – which with each passing day, appear more and more likely to be as rigged as “election betting odds” – actually increased from 75% to 80% for a December 14th rate hike!  This, as the only material changes in the Fed’s pathetic, propagandized word cloud were…

1.“Household spending has been growing strongly” to “household spending has been rising moderately”

MY COMMENT – sounds like it’s slowing down to me

2. “Inflation has continued to run below the Committee’s 2% longer-run objective” to “inflation has increased somewhat since earlier this year, but is still below the Committee’s 2% longer-run objective”

MY COMMENTS – 1) the core CPI has run above 2% on a year-over-year basis for nearly a year now, unequivocally calling out this lie; and 2) the past weeks’ oil price collapse alone nullifies essentially all of the “somewhat” inflation increase – that is, excluding factors like Obamacare, which has nothing to do with monetary policy.

…and the granddaddy of idiocy itself…

3. “The Committee judges that the case for an increase in the Federal Funds rate has strengthened, but decided, for the time being, to wait for further evidence of continued progress towards its objectives” to “The Committee judges that the case for an increase in the Federal Funds rate has continued to strengthen, but decided, for the time being, to wait for some further evidence of continued progress towards its objectives.”

MY COMMENT – Yes, my friends, it’s come down to this.  Despite horrible, across-the-board economic data; plunging oil and stock prices; surging bond yields, gold, and Bitcoin prices; and the most cantankerous election process in U.S. history – which may well result in imminent chaos; the case for raising rates apparently “continued to” strengthen, as it theoretically has for the three and a half years since the Fed first started hollowly threatening tighter monetary policy.  Better yet, the Fed no longer requires further evidence to determine what to do next, but some further evidence.

In today’s environment of 100% rigged financial markets; economic data; Wall Street/Washington/MSM commentary; and likely, “money market betting odds”; we’re to believe this pathetically innocuous statement caused “confidence” in a December rate hike to soar to 80%?  Let alone, as just two of the FOMC’s nine voters dissented against holding rates steady, versus the three that dissented last month?  Not to mention, as interest rates not only closed lower for the day, but completely unchanged from their levels at the time of the statement?

As for said “election odds,” isn’t it amazing how, just one day after the most widely watched poll showed a dead heat – as if such polls have any meaning, given they are not only highly unpredictive of future results, but unequivocally rigged –we’re told Hillary again has a two percentage point lead?  Which, according to the MSM, is why last night’s currency and equity market turmoil reversed promptly upon the open of the PPT-dominated U.S. “pre-market”; just as, incredibly, gold’s second trip above its all-important, soon-to-be-permanently-breached 50 month moving average of $1,303/oz was “capped and attacked” for the second time in 24 hours; first, following the aforementioned joke of an FOMC statement; and second, for the 727th time in the past 839 trading days, at the tried and true “2:15 AM” EST open of the London pre-market paper trading platform.

Let alone silver, which was bombed from $18.60/oz – i.e., just below its own 50 month moving average of $18.93/oz – all the way to $18.00/oz, despite no other commodity market trading materially lower.  To that end, if I had a nickel for every time silver – the “global regimes’” Achilles Heel – was trashed far more than any other market, I’d be wildly rich.  Nearly as rich, as if I had a nickel for each time the PPT has protected “Dow Jones Propaganda Average” at 18,000 in this summer and falls’ pre-election market lockdown.  Although as I edit, gold has just rebounded to the green, looking very much like it wants to take another run at $1,303!

a1 a2 a3

Back to Hillary’s, LOL, “lead,” what part of another 24 hours of devastating negative publicity could possibly, in any non-rigged world, have led to higher polling numbers?  I mean, since Trump “tied” her the day before, we learned, via WikiLeaks, that the Clinton Campaign and State Department were colluding with the New York Times; African-American early voting turnout (i.e., a key to Clinton victory) has plummeted; and heck, per yesterday’s must listen Kerry Lutz podcast, Hillary was actually booed away from a campaign event in the historically massively pro-Democrat district of Pompano Beach, Florida.  Throw in the fact that 90% of recent campaign “bets” have been on Trump; and oh yeah, this horrifying expose regarding election voting machine fraud; as well as this, even more horrifying expose of how mainstream media outlets are “pre-reporting” extremely specific Clinton victory numbers; and oh yeah, a miserable, way worse than expected ADP jobs report – and frankly, you’d be foolish to believe Hillary’s polling numbers rose!

Not to mention, that as much as the “market” is “betting” on a Hillary victory, my guess is that even if such a miracle were to actually occur, said “market” will unquestionably learn, very quickly, that Hillary will be the worst imaginable nightmare for U.S. financial markets.  Let alone, when she is expeditiously indicted – as just this morning, Fox News reports as highly likely.  And no, not for the email server scandal – which itself will likely land her in jail; but for the Clinton Foundation’s charity fraud!  As in yes, another massive legal bombshell.  And for good measure, Julian Assange himself stated this morning, in direct contradiction to Hillary’s relentless, blatant lies, that Russia is not the source of the anti-Clinton WikiLeaks disclosures – which more likely, come from within Washington itself.

The big picture of what’s going on is history’s biggest, most broadly impactful “global regime change.”  Many others have occurred before – such as the rises and falls of Egypt, Greece, Rome, and several Chinese dynasties, to name but a few.  However, in all such cases, they were regional in nature, with far less people affected.  As opposed to today’s world of global trade, global financial markets, instantaneous global communications, and the potential for global trade, currency, and military wars.

I previously believed this historic change was being fueled solely by the inertia of the unprecedented, global economic collapse caused by the aforementioned, historically destructive fiat Ponzi scheme – which clearly, is amidst its final, violent death throes.  However, clearly Bix Weir was clearly right that there are indeed “good guys” actively working to destroy the regime that has destroyed the economy and our freedoms, siphoning off 90-plus percent of the world’s wealth and power from the world’s “99%.”  Whoever is working with Julian Assange, for one; as well as Project Veritas; the FBI; entrenched anti-Clinton insiders; and everyone else actively seeking to expose the U.S. led crime family, as currently fronted by Bill and Hillary Clinton.  As well as countless non-insiders like the Miles Franklin Blog – who through the magic of the internet, have been able to spread truth of the true state of the rigged U.S. economy, financial markets, and political process like wildfire.  To that end, I am waiting with baited breath for tomorrow’s September NFP job report – which, per the Democrats’ modus operandi of rigging numbers ahead of the election, is highly likely to be significantly “better than expected.”  To that end, if it’s as bad as yesterday’s ADP report suggests – as well as essentially all real economic data – it will prove to be a massive body blow to the Clinton campaign; in my view, a strong sign that said “good guys” are far deeper within the system than most could imagine.

Well, that’s enough for today, as we’re down to just five days from what I believe, with all my heart, will commence the long-awaited, inexorably inevitable, “global regime change” that, whilst terrifying in the short-term, will ultimately yield a renewed hope for the future.  However, I cannot emphasize enough, particularly given my role of helping people protect themselves financially, that the chasm between the upcoming chaos and said future hope will be so wide, we likely won’t see the other side for many years to come.  Which is why, more than EVER, the time to protect yourself financially – particularly, with the only money the world has ever known, physical gold and silver – is NOW!