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Do you pay attention to the Gold One Year Ago and Silver One Year Ago prices that I post every day in price section, above?   Do you understand what they mean? The number tells you how much higher the price is today versus one year ago today. Keep an eye on whether the number is INCREASING or DECREASING. Currently, gold is more than $400 higher than it was last year on this date and silver is more than $8 higher. If you follow the numbers every day, you will get a feel for how gold and silver are performing right now, compared to one year ago. If the number stays constant, or rises, gold (or silver) is performing as well, or better now than it did last year at this time. In the case of gold, the number has been above $400 for quite some time, which shows tremendous strength. As long as the $400 holds, gold is performing as well this fall as it did last fall.

Silver, on the other hand, has been falling from a + $20 last spring to a +$8 which means that silver was rising faster last year at this time than it is now. As a percentage, gold is up over 29% from the price one year ago. Silver is up nearly 33%. These numbers are much stronger than the average annual gain over the past 11-years. I know it doesn’t seem like gold and silver are doing much, and lately that is the case, but when you step back and take the year’s performance as a whole, 2011 stands out as one of the strongest in the entire bull market. I expect the next three or four years to be even stronger.

Keep focused on the big picture. When you start to doubt the logic in accumulating gold and silver, look at the 10-year charts, below, and you will feel better. Both gold and silver are big winners. Once gold tops $2,000 and silver slices through $50 the rush will be on by the hoards that are still sitting on the sidelines. The dollar and the euro are rapidly losing the currency war to gold and silver. Investors are starting to lose confidence in fiat currencies and the gold and silver charts prove it. Investors who recently fled to the Swiss franc for safety took a big hit. The Swiss franc is the best of a bad lot and it plunged over 18%. If you can’t find safety in the franc, what’s left? Gold; that’s what’s left.