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Should we worry about our national debt?  Isn’t it in line with other nations?  Check out the following chart and make up your own mind.

Our debt bubble spills past the margins of the chart. Here, we’ve superimposed a yellow circle representing the United States:

On Friday I wrote that gold was range-bound between roughly $1500 and $1550.  I mentioned that Larry Edelson was looking for a collapse, well below $1500.  I wrote that I disagreed, and I stated that I felt the bottom was most likely in, and I looked for gold to top $1550, move up past its all-time high and set sights on $1600 – in a short period of time.  Well it happened, and much faster than I expected.  This is not just a dollar phenomenon.  Gold is rising IN SPITE OF THE FACT THAT THE DOLLAR IS RISING.  Gold is at an all-time high in dollars, Euro, pounds and most other currencies.  If gold can perform like this DURING THE SUMMER DOLDRUMS, ALONG WITH A STRONG DOLLAR, imagine what lies in store for gold in the fall, its strongest season!  Keep an eye on silver.  Gold will not move up without silver’s participation.  Silver needs to top $38 and then it can recover much of its loss in the recent “JPMorgan drive by shooting.”