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For years now, anyone who purchased (or for that matter was a proponent) of gold or silver has been disparaged as a “bug.”  The disparagement is wrong because these “bugs” have been correct and it’s been applied to anyone no matter how small a percentage gold was to their portfolio.  The term goldbug has been applied as a way to divert investors from the metal because let’s face it, who wants to be labeled as a “crazy?”

Don’t get me wrong, there truly are some “goldbugs” out there who have purchased gold for their entire lives (not necessarily a wrong thing), would never ever consider selling and it almost engulfs their entire lives.  Some people believe that gold is an “end all” savior to all situations, financial, moral, economic or what have you.  I have said several times in the past that there is a time or season for everything and the seasons are different.  At some point in time you will be foolish not to turn your metal into things “productive.”  That time is not now, we have to get there first.

I first thought of writing this piece because I read a goldbug disparagement that said “to some people, gold is a religion.”  First off, gold is not a religion, although there are some out there that have elevated it to such.  This is wrong headed thinking, but it does exist.  Yes, gold is real money, it is “honest” money, but it is still only money.  We have as a global society (particularly in the West), elevated “money” to the level of worship status.  The “money” however which is so sought after is false and can be created in unlimited quantities.  Worshipers of paper will have a quick and sudden death when it comes.

Then there are those who believe that gold is the end all to any and all problems.  There are those who worship stacks and believe that these stacks will “save them” from what is mathematically coming.  These “goldbugs” are wrong and I would even say a combination of arrogant and naive.  Let me explain, because I know this needs some explaining.  Yes gold is “money,” REAL money.  It is “better” money than anything else on the planet and has been for over 5,000 years, but as the saying goes, “It’s only money.”

You see, gold and silver by themselves are merely tools.  They are tools to get you (and your wealth) from here (the present system) to there (whatever future system is devised).  Gold and silver should be thought of as tools that can be used to help you survive bad times, allow you the ability to trade for necessary goods and ultimately arrive at whatever “dawn” is coming …with some wealth.

Many people think that since they have gold, no matter what happens they will be OK, “gold will protect them.”  This is just plain dumb in my opinion because if I am correct as to what I see coming (possibly complete and total anarchy), the game will be all about survival as opposed to being prosperous and “winning” the game.  Again, please don’t get me wrong, the metals are an absolutely essential “tool” to every tool box but think of them as a hammer without nails or a screwdriver without screws.

The above was started earlier and since then I’ve been out on my daily ride and have come back.  Interesting that while riding I came across a woman who I’ve seen before and spoken to but pretty much just to say hello to on the side of a dirt road.  She offered water for my horse and we began to talk.  It turns out that she is a federal employee and had just returned from a big meeting.  Naturally knowing that she is a federal employee I was cautious with my words (sad that it has to be this way) but I asked a few “big picture” questions just to see where she stood, and boy did I find out!

Once she got rolling in the conversation I asked her why the USDA needed to buy huge amounts of ammo and even ballistic body armor?  She said, “Oh, there’s not much to that.  It’s because they have had landowners refuse inspections at gunpoint.”  But then it got really interesting.  She told me that she’s “stocked up” and that anyone who isn’t will be what the government is now classifying as “zombies.”  No kidding, before riding this morning my wife told me that Yahoo did a story on the government’s “8 classifications of zombies.”  I’m not making this coincidence up.  I swear!

My conversation lasted almost 10 minutes and my “ride” was getting antsy so we went on down the road but I did get quite a lot out of it.  She knows that they know!  She is prepared even down to having extra dog food for at least 6 months.  I did not say too much and what I did say were mostly questions to prod her along, but to my amazement it sounded like the “internal” mindset is that it will be every man for himself.  While on this subject, I have spoken to several different local Sheriff’s deputies on the subject of unrest.  Each one of them have told me that unrest is expected and that if it is “systemic” (as in nationwide), they will be at home protecting their own families.

I know that the above is a little off topic but I think it’s important in the scheme of things.  The “scheme of things” being that you can have all the gold and silver in the world but they should only be part of your “tool box.”  You will need to be able to eat and protect yourselves also.  Do you know any local farmers with greens, hens, hogs or cattle?  Have you purchased a tool called a “bicycle” yet?  I won’t go through an entire checklist as everyone is different; some require special meds and even diets.  My point is that “it” is coming and having a big stack of precious metals will certainly help you through it and past it …but not all by itself.

If you think that “oh, I’ll just buy what I need when the time comes,” think again.  Your desired goods may not be available at any price and more importantly if you are trading with metal it means that people in your community will then know that you have metal …and want what you have.  Why not just go to Walmart now (several runs) and just blend in with the other customers unseen?  There is no pressure and you can do it leisurely.  Why would you wait until either the shelves are empty or it might be dangerous going from the front door to your car’s trunk?

To finish, don’t be a goldbug who worships stack after stack of metal without planning for the big picture.  For those main-streamers with their heads in the sand who look at goldbugs and sneer or laugh, I would say “I’m sorry.”  I’m sorry that you don’t get it.  I’m sorry that you feel the need to denigrate people who are very close to seeing the big picture.  I’m sorry that the government now apparently has a category for you (8 of them in fact) with the expectations of roaming “zombies.”  We are living in very interesting times!