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I will keep it short today.

We are having our Miles Franklin Holiday Party tonight.  I picked up Bill Holter at the airport on Thursday afternoon and we spent the afternoon together and then my wife, Bill and I met Andy and Zhanna for dinner.  I talk with Bill often, but this was the first time I met him in person.

Bill’s passion for gold and silver, his true patriotism and his unwavering belief in the necessity to own precious metals closely parallels mine – and Andy Hoffman’s too.  Very, very few people have our level of certainty, the basic understanding that gold and silver are the most important assets a person could own, now and going forward.  The zigzags in price are normal and not at all indicative of the final destination.  The short-term, day-to-day price is the journey, but we three focus on the destination.  We have as much total belief in our analysis, causes and ultimate effect, as a truly religious man does in his belief that there is a God.  We are true believers!

What I find most interesting is not the degree of our belief, but it’s that almost everyone else, clients, friends, family and even associates in our industry, have their doubts.  They may not be “bearish” but they do not see the demise of the dollar and the tremendous rise in gold and silver with the same certainty that we do.  They keep asking us, “Are you sure?” “What if you’re wrong?”  We are sure and we will not be wrong!

How can we be so certain, you ask?  There are some things that “you just know.”  Plus, it’s a mathematical certainty.

Check out Jim Sinclair’s chart that says it all…

Dear CIGAs,

The war between bullish physical gold and bearish paper-gold will be entirely determined by the future of this chart.

The dollar is too large for a government to manipulate where trend is concerned. The Exchange stabilization fund will try hit and run support, but that is not enough to change the trend.


jsmineset.com, December 5, 2013

I believe that the launch date will occur in 2014 and before the year is over, new all-time highs will be reached in gold and silver will be close, although up a much greater percentage.
Here is a great idea for you – sell your gold (or a large amount of it) now, for a tax loss, and reinvest the proceeds back into silver.  Silver is way too cheap.  The price ratio of silver to gold has risen to 63.138 to 1.  That is way, way out of whack.  Not only will you benefit from the tax loss, which is real for any gold purchased in the last two plus years, but you will switch into the undervalued of the two assets.  Silver’s rise, we believe, will be far greater than gold’s.  This is a very sensible idea.  Don’t leave the tax loss gains and future silver profits on the table now.
According to Bill Holter, if you have your silver stored with us at Brinks in Canada, you can sell Silver Maple Leafs and replace them with Silver Eagles which also qualifies as a tax loss. It could be huge for you if you have a large amount of silver stored there – and many of our clients do.  I am going to double check on this one, and verify this.  First, speak with your tax professional regarding the tax loss, then call one of our brokers at 800-822-8080 if you are interested in selling your metals.
Business Management, June 16, 2012
In today’s featured articles below, please check out the article on Zero HedgeZero Hedge discusses gold and silver manipulation.  I love their site, but in the past, they have refused to embrace the possibility that the precious metals are manipulated.  It drove Andy Hoffman nuts!  He commented on this many times before.  He probably will have an extra big smile on his face when I see him today, before the Holiday Party.  Slowly, but surely, more and more of the doubters are coming around to what we see as so obvious.  It makes absolutely no sense that gold and silver are the only commodities that the banks aren’t manipulating.  Frankly, they are the most logical commodities for them to manipulate.  And there is no doubt in my mind that the Fed, the Treasury and a few of the biggest bullion banks are, and have been behind the leasing, naked shorting and daily price rigging that define the (paper) gold and silver markets.

You read about it every day in this newsletter.  When the manipulation comes to an end, and the new PHYSICAL ONLY exchanges start up in Singapore and Hong Kong in the near future, you will start to see what gold and silver are really worth, beyond the reach and the influence of the paper games being played on the Comex and LMBA.

The bottom is now close and once hit; prices will turn up and leave $1100-$1200 gold and $19-$20 silver in the dust.