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The key to the world picture is the most unattractive of all avenues. That avenue is contraction, pain, and a return to the time-tested formula. That painful formula is 2 + 2 = 4, or, live within your means. The simplicity of this formula is frightening. The frightening part of it lies ahead. There is only one foolproof investment – we call it gold. – Richard Russell
This week should be interesting. December will have to be very kind to gold and silver if they are going to finish the year where I expect them to be. Last year, December was nothing special for the metals and gold and silver didn’t start their rapid ascent until mid-February. Be patient, my friends. The bull market is not dead and the strong move up I am waiting for is not far off.

With the New York market shut down for the Thanksgiving Holiday, gold and silver were down in London on Friday morning but they started to recover nicely in the NY markets.

It’s 8:55 a.m., NY time on Monday, and I am finishing up the daily. Gold is up a chunky $40.30 at $1,720.60 and silver is up a big $1.18 to $32.16. The Dollar is down nearly 1% (0.70) to 78.93 and oil is up a huge 2.77 to 99.54. This is more like it. This is the kind of action, on all fronts, that we should be getting every day, in the aftermath of MF Global and the turmoil in Europe.

Once again, a disclaimer regarding NIA. We love their information are NOT in love with their stock recommendations. Buying exploration mining shares is a gamble and very, very few ever pay off. That said, their information is first class, which is why we present it to you.