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A week from today is Labor Day; and with it, the end of the deceiving “calm” of a manipulated financial world masking chaotic, global economic deterioration.  Rising U.S. interest rates is just the “tip of the iceberg” (just wait until a “DEBT CEILING TO INFINITY” is enacted); and watching this morning’s Italian share plunge – on fears Berlusconi’s PDL party is ready to take down an already tottering Italian government – it couldn’t be more ominous – and obvious – what’s coming in Europe.  Moreover, the Indian Rupee is down another 2% overnight – to an incredible 64.5/dollar; and thus, it’s just a matter of time before the next “Lehman flash point” emerges, causing WORLDWIDE citizens to flee speculative PAPER markets into the safety of PHYSICAL gold and silver.

Over the weekend, the diluted, deluded MSM managed completely ignored the fact that the inevitable Syrian invasion is now becoming more imminent each day.  Despite ZERO evidence to support such an accusation, the U.S. government is intent on blaming Assad with last week’s chemical attack; and thus, an Iraq-like situation is rapidly taking shape.  A new survey concluded 60% of Americans are against Syrian involvement, while just 9% support military intervention; but no matter what, that’s what imperialistic governments do – particularly when desperate economic times call for equally desperate political actions.

Along with the U.S., the UK, France, and Russia are making preparations to join the coming Syrian conflict (with Russia clearly taking the role of – per Mitt Romney’s comments last year – America’s “biggest geopolitical foe”); which atop the tragic, deteriorating Egyptian situation – and latent Iran/Israel tensions in the background, is likely why oil prices are nearly $107/bbl amidst an expanding worldwide recession.  In fact, if America’s “SO-CALLED RECOVERY” is the best the world has to offer, depression may be a better term for what global economic activity currently resembles…

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It won’t take much to plunge the world into chaos; and with gold and silver trading at historically low prices, it could take even less time for the scant PHYSICAL inventory to sell out.  Bill Holter says it best in his latest piece titled, Where Are We (They) Now?  in which he implores you to hold your gold and silver ahead of what’s coming – as if you don’t have it when the “Big One” arrives, you’ll likely NEVER get it…

Trying to call a top ANY time before this system resets is in my opinion reckless, foolish and dangerous, because you have to be correct twice.  First, you have to be correct that a reaction is in fact going to happen, and then you must get back in.  If you are wrong on either of these calls…you lose…and in real life there are no do over’s or mulligans.

Miles Franklin, August 26, 2013

By the way, remember how the Cartel’s gold “line in the sand” was drawn at $1,300/oz this summer?  It seemed insurmountable; until poof, it was suddenly overwhelmed in lieu of its new “line” at $1,400/oz – which has now been defended three times since gold first reached it Friday afternoon.  This, too, will fall, as will 2012’s year-end level of $1,673/oz, September 2011’s ALL-TIME HIGH of $1,920/oz, and eventually, other KEY ROUND NUMBERS most could never imagine we would ever see…

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